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Lincoln – Truth and Consequences

By MamaLiberty Yesterday, Feb. 12, was listed on my calendar as Lincoln’s birthday. I didn’t notice it then, even went to the county library – which was open! These past “presidents” don’t get much attention these days, since so many … Continue reading

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Your friendly local weapons shop?

By Nathan Barton Trump has announced that his administration is removing the restrictions imposed by the former squatter at 1600 PA transferring military equipment to “civilian” police departments across the nation. As any of us would expect, the Fifty States … Continue reading

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And so it begins…

By Nathan Barton And so it begins… “Bikers for Trump Arizona” in a Facebook posting, announced that their members will be in Phoenix at a pro-Trump rally to defend the rally against planned AntiFa “counter-protesters.”  An e-mail posted by them … Continue reading

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Fracturing society, one city at a time

By Nathan Barton A correspondent asks, “Is this true?” InfoWars.com has published a Tweet claiming that a man died because the ambulance carrying him to hospital was delayed by the street being blocked by anti-Trump protesters. My correspondent, Scott, suggests, … Continue reading

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Politics 2016: Are we there yet?

Libertarian Commentary #16-11A by Nathan Barton One more “big primary election day.” Eight months to go… what can go wrong? The new Massa will be chosen, “American democracy” will be vindicated and verified for another four years – or we … Continue reading

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The Coming Civil War? Oathkeepers’ dilemma

Are things in this nation heating up?  Today’s little DC street scene (reminding so much of Deadwood’s and Hill City’s daily gunfights during the tourist season, except for (maybe) the real blood) is a reminder of just how on edge … Continue reading

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