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What gives? Vaccination rates

This data is from the 5th – a few days old now, but it raises some serious questions. Under Operation WARP SPEED, the military is responsible for delivering vaccines, but it is local, often private, health care providers that actually … Continue reading

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Demonizing the “Anti-Vaxxers” in America

By Nathan Barton There are many ways to fight your opponents.  You can face them squarely and counter their claims, show that they are wrong by presenting the facts.  Or you can make them objects of fear and even objects … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-25D: Tyranny and emotions

By Nathan Barton Local tyranny? Bob Livingston, in Personal Liberty, tells us that it may soon be illegal to back into your driveway to park your car or truck in Jacksonville.  Why?  No, not safety, and not for creating possible … Continue reading

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