Passports, papers, yellow stars and “(health) Nazis”

We have some interesting times – as always.

Libertarians are at odds with one another concerning “vaccination passports” (VPP) for COVID-19. The issues are government and private business powers and rights, privacy, and efficacy. Let’s look at this in more detail.

First, the passports themselves: these are NOT a new idea, just now generally known to the public. For decades (at least a half-century), military personnel and others have generally carried a “shot card”, actually a form PHS-731, a folder as shown in the pictures below. This was always kept with your government-issue passport and updated constantly. It showed ALL your vaccines from childhood immunizations to tetanus such now outdated things as smallpox vaccination.

See the source image

I have one of those, and use it to keep track, and show it when deploying or just traveling to other countries. It was NOT ever needed to board an aircraft, go into a store, get quarters (hotel, etc.) or anything other than deployment and medical visits to make sure everything was current. We were taught to fill out the address info in pencil, since it would change frequently and for operational security purposes.

See the source image

And the only other place this information was found was in our medical records: PAPER medical records at that: no automated information systems, no internet cloud. Nothing. Nothing for some big business, big government, or big crime goons to steal from the cloud or a hacked computer system. And those paper records were secured as well, and you HAND-CARRIED them (not just the yellow card) from one posting to another.

In those days, I didn’t know any better when it came to vaccines, not understanding the horrific nature of the preservatives added to them. (Any more than we understood the dangers of, say, mercury amalgams for filling teeth.) Nor did we worry about SSANs (Social Security Account Numbers, before the acronym got shortened) or similar such things.

But of course, in 2021, such a primitive method of taking care of such important information is TOTALLY unacceptable. Paper? Handwritten? rubber-stamped dates? No birthdate? No unique personal tracking number? Trusting people with their own records? Fine for Noah in BC 2700, maybe, but not Americans in AD 2021.

But today? Biometric-verified plastic cards. QR Codes (even barcodes are too antique). Apps on phones, central databases, and all the other things. Able to be viewed and downloaded by any BIG goon (gov’t, business, crime) or any two-bit hacker, pretty much at will.

And no limit on use: the VPP is being recommended (even required) for everything from going to a baseball game, stores, and flying commercially, and in some places, leaving (or entering) a country.

WE COULD HAVE USED THE CDC-731, or even the SF-601 (an even MORE primitive form of record, see below) to help people track and remember when they got their shot(s).

But even if those ancient forms had been used, we still have a problem with the WAY it is proposed that the modern VPP is to be used.

Indeed, it DOES remind me very much of the Third Reich days – as shown in all the WW2 movies: “Papers!” came the demand, usually NOT with a “please” attached. The leather trench-coat wearing goons were in command – and could snuff you out in a heartbeat.

Of course, today, they don’t wear trench coats. They wear white coats – or pretty pastel smocks. Or cute airline uniforms. But their smiles – real as they sometimes are – are those of a predator. Admittedly, a warning smile: if you don’t have your papers (electronic or not) stay in your basement. We don’t want you here.

If you have the COVID vaccination, you’ll get a QR code to put on your phone. Or some kind of card or sticker for your drivers license. (Or dare we say, a temporary tattoo or badge?)

With that, you’ll be able to board airplanes, attend concerts and sports events, go to classes and basically live life as “normal” (although the neo-fascists may still require you to wear a useless mask and maintain that precious social distance). Without that stuff (your “papers”) you will not be in order and you will be denied transportation, entertainment and educational options. It’s basically a way to force people to be vaccinated if they want to live a normal life.

(Never mind that once again, social distancing has proven to be bogus and made up. And for the twentieth or thirtieth time, masks have again been shown to be worse than not – or so the “science says.” And don’t get us started on the vaccine. Extensive personal information is required from you before you receive the injection (that’s because you’re a guinea pig in an experiment whether you know it or not). All of that information will go into a government database before you get your QR code or your tattoo (or RFID chip).

Of course, some people have pointed out that the QR code or something similar on your cell Phone is going to be goon-preferred. Why? It will be used to track your whereabouts. Once this system is in place, it can easily be expanded AND MATCHED WITH EXISTING DATABASES to include criteria other than the injection such as your race, political affiliation, zip code (which can be used to help estimate your political affiliation in some instances) and other social criteria. Do you go to church too much? Do you go to bars or strip clubs too much? Were you in the same location as one of the “insurrectionists” from 6 JAN 2021?

Then it can be used for all sorts of things. To determine eligibility for racial reparations, “stimulus” checks and other government goodies. To be tracked for speeding on the highways and streets. To being late to work. Or leaving your home to go to a “nonessential function” during the next pandemic.

As a friend told me being asked for your papers was one of the most chilling lines in the old movies. It was common in the Third Reich, and in many countries during World War II. And it may become all too familiar again. The fascist (nanny-state/”progressive”/SJW) impulse takes many forms but it never goes away completely. COVID, Beer Flu or CCP Flu, is just another excuse to go back to the Dark Ages when it comes to civil liberties.

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8 Responses to Passports, papers, yellow stars and “(health) Nazis”

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  2. Darkwing says:

    They have wanted this for years,almost total control of the sheeple. Now they will have their way. There is little free people can do, our numbers are small. I never thought that it would happen in the US of A.


  3. Interesting. When I was in the Marine Corps in the 1980s and 1990s, I never received one of those shot cards. Our shot records were kept in our medical records, which in turn were kept in our unit’s medical office.

    If you pissed someone off, your shot record might get “lost.” That happened to me between deployments, which meant getting every vaccine I’d ever had a second time (except for the experimental anthrax vaccine marked DO NOT USE ON HUMANS I was ordered to let them put in my arm in Saudi Arabia).


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Tom, that really bothers me. While I was on active duty in the 1980s, and on reserve duty in the 1990s-2000s, in the Army Corps of Engineers, we were expected to ALWAYS have our shot record (Yellow Card) immediately available in our deployment gear, right along with our LBE and other field gear. With a backup copy in our quarters. While it was possible to recreate them from the medical records, it was of course a real pain. (By the way, our medical records were kept in the Troop Medical Clinic, except when conducting a permanent change of station or a lengthy temporary duty) when we hand-carried them with us. When I came off active duty, a copy was made for the VA and I was given the originals. With a receipt to verify that I had them.) I don’t doubt that some people might “lose” some if they could, which is one reason the Army at least made sure troops had their own copies and carried the originals. As I understand it, the very reason for the yellow card was to prevent that sort of childish nonsense from happening. Not saying it didn’t happen on the Army side of things, but it sounds like USMC had a worse problem.


      • There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Marine Corps way.

        The Marine Corps way was “never piss off the Navy docs who take care of you.”

        I’m not sure what I did to piss off a doc. Or if maybe they really DID lose my shot record. But I never received a copy of my shot record to keep around. It lived in my medical jacket in the unit medical office.


  4. mikejavick says:

    So where is the solution?


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      A good question, Mike, and we don’t pretend we have a great answer. First, EDUCATE ourselves and others about the true risks and real threats (a point we were trying to make in the commentary on fearmongering). Then COUNTER the lies pushed by media, government, health thugs (not just big pharma), and the various fellow-travelers and hangers-on. Next, SHUT THEM UP: that will be the toughest part, and may mean taking back some of the powers that these entities have stolen from us over the years. A part of that process may include both civil disobedience and exercising our right of self-defense. We can talk about voting with our (funny-money) dollars and feet, but there is a limit to the effectiveness of those things. Is that even a passable answer? We don’t think so, but it is a start. What do you think?


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