Both the old parties are bad, but…

There IS a difference, at least in 2022. (At least in some leaders/members/supporters of each party.)

Let me explain. For years and years, many Libertarians – especially during political campaigns, have gleefully pointed out that “there ain’t a dime’s difference between the GOP and Democrats.” I’ve done it myself. And in many ways, that was true then – and is now.

They are, among other things, BOTH bad for liberty, for prosperity, and for peace. They are both bad when it comes to growing government, increasing totalitarian control by government, and making the whole planet a mess. They are the two wings of the evil predatory scavenger Americans chose instead of a turkey as the “national bird.”


… the last two-plus years, and especially the last year, under the latest Democratic regime (Uncle Joe)… have demonstrated that there ARE some very nasty ways in which one old party is worse than the other. At least right now.

So answer these questions – either out loud, or in your head (no, you don’t have to raise your hand first, whichever way you answer!).

Which party’s rank and file members have the following opinions?

— 59% of ____ favor forcing the SARS-CoV2 unvaccinated to stay home at all times except for emergencies.

— 55% of ____ favor levying state or federal fines on people who decline the COVID-19 shot(s).

— 48% of ____ favor fines or imprisonment for people who publicly question Beer Flu vaccine efficacy.

— 47% of ____ favor a government tracking program to people who decline the COVID jab.

— 45% of ____ support “temporary” relocation to “designated facilities or locations” for those who decline the shot.

Sorry folks, but the answer is the same to all five of these poll questions. Rasmussen just reported the following, and it ain’t the part of Tricky Dick, Bush I, Bush II, The Donald, or even Jerry Ford:

— 59% of Democrats favor forcing the unvaccinated to stay home at all times except for emergencies.

— 55% of Democrats favor levying state or federal fines on people who decline the shot.

— 48% of Democrats favor fines or imprisonment for people who publicly question vaccine efficacy.

— 47% of Democrats favor a government tracking program to people who decline the shot.

— 45% of Democrats support temporary relocation to “designated facilities or locations” for those who decline the shot.

Of course, this “vaccination” shot isn’t for smallpox or measles or mumps or even AIDS. It is for this Pandemic (rapidly becoming epidemic). The same CCP virus that is the excuse for the most successful assault on liberty and freedom in the entire planet since… I dunno? The Spanish Conquest of half the world? The peak of “united” Communism (International Progressivism/Socialism)?

This deadly disease that supposedly has killed 850,000 Americans in 25 months? (And by the way, which is claimed to have killed an infant less than six months old – the FIRST child under age 10 to have “died of COVID” in South Dakota in more than two years! Who sadly had a LOT of comorbidities – and probably “died with” instead of “died of” the coronavirus flu?)

The “deadly disease” that still does not come close to killing as many humans – people, folks!) as were killed by their own mothers? Yeah: 850,000 in 2 years (just to round off) in a land where almost 620,000 children were slaughtered in their own mother’s womb. (Numbers from 2018, last year I could find.) In the same time that 850,000 Americans died of (or with) the novel coronavirus disease, at least 1.24 million (1,240,000) Americans were killed by doctors and nurses in cooperation with their own mothers.

And you think that having COVID Delta is being sick?

But sick as aborting children is, what majorities and significant minorities of Dems believe that the Pandemic Panic demands is sick as well. Worse, there are enough GOP types (especially in the GOP leadership in many States and that pesthole in DC) who apparently AGREE with them, that if we WERE a democracy, all of these insane, evil, and totalitarian actions WOULD be the law of the land.

Yes, this is madness, insanity. Yet these crazy people who want to lock us up and punish us for NOT submitting to snake-oil walk around us and live close to us, and all too often are in office and dictate too much of our lives today.

PS: Please understand, I am NOT saying that the GOP and Republicans are acceptable or good – I am simply saying that right now, even a quasi-RINO is not as dangerous to our lives, fortunes, sacred honor and pursuit of happiness as the majority of Democrats are.

PPS: I added some caveats at the beginning, after several folks pointed out that the leadership and members of the two old parties are NOT monolithic Borg-like collectives. And that sometimes people are “forced” to join one or another to try and accomplish some worthy goal. So…

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4 Responses to Both the old parties are bad, but…

  1. Darkwing says:

    Democrats/ republican, left/right, conserve/ liberal, cancer/AIDS, the will all kill you


  2. The difference in the two parties is this:

    The Demon-Craps want to take The Republic off the cliff at 100 MPH. The RINOS are happy to do it at 75 MPH.

    They ALL need to hang, with very few exceptions.


  3. Some (not all) Republicans are better, in some ways, on some issues, than some (not all) Democrats. And some are worse. And vice versa.

    Temporary / expedient betterness or worseness on some issues by one of two parties which both display those attributes is not a reason for preferring one of those two parties to the other, even in the midst of the temporary issue giving rise to that temporary / expedient betterness or worseness. It’s like saying “let’s just see if we can do something about the double vision — the tumor will take care of itself.”


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Tom, you are right: I see no reason to do anything but continue to dishonor both parties, and exploit any differences (fleeting or not) to convince people of the sheer madness and folly of ANY political party or regime that advocates human government other than self-government! (By the way, did anyone else read Tom Woods’ recent article about the “Fauci Wing” of the Libertarian Party? And, to everyone – be sure and catch OUR Tom’s (Tom Knapp’s) recent article on pockets and legs. Great to read and share (


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