Will Canada go the way of Australia?

Justin Trudeau, latest scion of the “illustrious” Trudeau family political dynasty and apparently anointed El Duce of the Dominion under the benevolent and absent reign of Her Canadian Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has apparently found his role model in governing: the Commonwealth of Australia. Like Australia with its Pandemic-enabled and rather fascist regime, Trudeau has decided that Canadians who do not snap to attention (and then kiss the boots of his lackeys) and obey all the orders to mask, lockdown, and above all, accept the jab, must be punished.

Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 Is Now the Longest Truck ...
Freedom Convoy – reported as 50,000 truckers

This is being done by further disrupting the already broken and weakening supply chain. 99% of Canadians (not including Inuit and a few other “First Nations” people) depend on trucks crossing the border from the US into Canada for at least four out of every five calories they consume. (The rest being mostly Prairie Provinces wheat and soybeans and whatever food happens to be imported from Asia and Latin America through Vancouver and not up I-5 from Washington State and what comes from Europe and the Atlantic (fish and Nutella, at least) via the Saint Lawrence Seaway.)

Trudeau is trying to force vaccination by denying truckers entry from the once-peaceful and open border (with Washington State, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and all those neat States around the Great Lakes and upper New England) unless they are fully jabbed. Or quarantine. The excuse is that vaccination prevents the spread of infection, a flatout lie that even such American dictators as Lord Newsom of California and the Empress Michelle of New Mexico seem to have stopped babbling.

Like Canberra with its concentration and reeducation camps and lockdowns and stealing of guns, Ottawa figures that the threat of starvation will put pressure on people to pressure companies to force drivers to be vaccinated, and at the same time demonstrate he means business with the vax-deniers and other enemies of the state.

Coupled with current US insanity regarding hours of operation (HOS) for truckers, the de-facto border closure is likely to trigger widespread, massive food shortages. As well as more shortages of other things kinda nice (or essential) to have. In wintertime Canada.

Fortunately (and quite shocking here in 2021), not all Canadian subjects are quite the sheep Trudeau and many have thought the once-great Canadian people had become. So much so that Trudeau’s cowardice is now a matter of public record: he and his family have moved to a hidden safe house somewhere (the Bahamas, perhaps?) because of a security risk triggered by the rebellion of many Canadian truckers (and others) about the mandate.

So thousands of semi-trucks are on a grand convoy (cue CW McCall here) from BC to Ottawa, where this weekend, thousands of NON-trucker Canadians have staged large – even massive for Canada – protests around the Houses of Parliament. Already fortified after a one-man attack a few years ago. Other thousands of protesters are reported to be gathering around border crossing stations. (Perhaps, if they have been infected mentally and morally by Los Angelinos, to loot the stalled trucks not allowed to cross into the Dominion.)

According to some stories (such as one from Rebel News), the convoy is just the tip of the growing uprising against the Canadian FedGov. Certainly the Premier of Saskatchewan has already proclaimed his loyalty to the truckers’ cause. I suspect at least Alberta and possibly Manitoba are or will be doing the same.

Canada and Australia already have far too much in common – all of it bordering on the “enemies of liberty” side of things: disarmament, attacks on freedom of speech (including prosecution, conviction, and jailtime for politically-incorrect speech), and the already deadly and harsh Lockdown of the past two years. And even more than their Southern Hemisphere cousins, Canada seems to be kowtowing to China. Will this put a stop to it? Or will it be an excuse, just as Pelosi, Schumer, and their front stooge Uncle Joe have been doing with 06 January 2021?

Time will tell. We can and should offer to help Canadians regain their liberty, either at home or here in the States. But we must be careful about the infiltrators – the haters of liberty – that will sneak in with them, or suck up the support we offer them.

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