Who are the real revolutionaries?

Today, in the Fifty States and around the world, the so-called left: the social justice warriors, the self-named progressives (who are regressive in every way), the socialists of all the various flavors, claim that THEY are “The Revolution.” The are “the elite” – the vanguard, leading the downtrodden lower classes to that wonderful communism of the future where the state withers away and everyone has what they need and contributes what they can (or want). We constantly read in our history books about the glories of the Orange (and all the other color) Revolutions, the Russian Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, the “Bolivarian” revolutions, and even the French Revolution.

But throughout history, I think that the facts show that the TRUE revolutionaries are those who stood up against the tyranny of men. Not simply to replace the people practicing the tyranny with other people. But to replace the tyranny itself. With freedom, with liberty.

Of course, the “American Revolution” or the “American Revolutionary War” has been relegated to the appendices and supplements of the history textbooks. It was only a “war of independence” staged by white supremacists to ensure that the growing progressiveness of the British Royal government did not force them to give up slavery and the exploitation (and extermination) of the “indigenous people.” It was just another fascist counterrevolutionary act of terrorism and repression. Unacceptable terrorism, for it did not promote the modern ideals of (neo)liberalism, but the false ideas of (paleo)liberalism. Archaic ideas like “all men (meaning “people”) are created equal” and we have rights given to us by God (nature’s God, if you prefer) and NOT by the democratic votes of people.

The call is for revolution by these pro-mask, pro-vaccine, pro-lockdown, pro-governmental mandate, anti-fascist, anti-racist factions. They are apparently made up of people with severe mental (cognitive) dissonance: the “ability” to hold two or more completely conflicting ideas, beliefs, or “facts” at the same time. People who protest against mask mandates and mandatory vaccination and vaccination passports are “fascists.” People who believe in free enterprise are exploiters of other people. And on and on.

In this “New World” of the Western Hemisphere, the revolutionaries were those who stood up not just against emperors and kings but against parliaments. Who stood up not just enslaving people of one color, but against enslaving anyone. Even when their efforts were not completely successful, even when the results were quickly overturned and corrupted and perverted by others. And yes, even when their efforts failed.

That type of revolution didn’t start here, of course. We can see it back through history: In Ireland against foreign rule and conformity, for one. Not the second stage of the French Revolution (perversion of “liberty, fraternity, equality” into a true fascism and totalitarian government long before those words were invented – the likes of Robespierre and Napoleon) but the first, a revolt against king and the “higher estates” and taxation and poverty and exploitation and false religious power. In England against Charles I and “divine right” – again quickly suppressed by Parliament and twisted into the evils of the Commonwealth and ultimately reinstatement of monarchy. In Spain and Portugal against the colonial, vicious rule of Muslim Moorish conquerors. In the Cantons of Helvetia (Switzerland) against the rule of Catholic clergy and nobility and foreign monarchs. In Rome itself, against kings to establish a republic, however imperfect and broken it became. In Judea, and before that in Canaan and in Egypt: against foreign and internal tyranny.

And in thousands of other times and places, in lands long forgotten and changed: especially but not always where those revolutions failed. But because when revolutions succeed and people are free, have personal liberty and peace, they do live in peace and prosperity and progress in arts and sciences. Not for war and conquest and things like that – the things that the history books are generally full of. They don’t build monuments and vast tombs for warlords and falsely-proclaimed deified men and women: they build homes and businesses and lives.

The true, real revolutionaries are those who work and fight to free ALL people from tyranny, to give ALL people liberty. Not just change masters.

Be a true revolutionary.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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