Canadian tyranny revisited

Editor’s Note: A few days ago, TPOL posted a commentary asking if Canada was headed the way of its sister Commonwealth Australia. Apparently we didn’t go far enough: the proper question may be better stated as “Is Canada going the way of Germany in the 1930s?” Or bluntly, is Trudeau the younger looking to Adolf Hitler as his role model?”

At the time the last commentary was posted, we here at TPOL were unaware of an important development, although the New York Post published the story on 27 January 2022, In fact, I didn’t even know about what had happened when I wrote this commentary yesterday (the 9th February). So this commentary is being hastily revised (and is much longer than usual).

Politically Incorrect Canadian: TYRANNY
From Canadian lovers of freedom

Brian Peckford, former First Minister of the Province of Newfoundland, is the last living signer of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, signed in 1982. He is now suing the Canadian FedGov over its Pandemic travel restrictions. This means an “establishment attack” on the FedGov’s treatment of Canadian truckers and others now protesting the travel bans and other tyranny of the FedGov and so many provincial and municipal governments.

By Margaret Figert and Nathan Barton

As regards the Canadian trucker protest: Sounds like the trucker protest is growing worldwide. Truck convoys against vaccine mandates have reportedly formed now in Europe. People aren’t against vaccines; they’re against mandates that try to force them to get injected with experimental vaccines that are causing serious side effects – even death – for some people.

One fellow urged truckers to keep their convoy peaceful.

“Do not take the bait from the agitators on the radical left. They will show up. They will throw things at your truck. They will call you racist. They will try to get people going into buildings. We’re doing none of that. We’re going to work with police. Inform them, everything that’s going on because we saw what happened on January 6. And that’s what they’re praying for here. They want somebody to lose their temper so that could be the scapegoat for them, and we’re not going to give it to them.”

(All of that is happening, of course. The truckers are being accused of endangering and attacking people and of trying to overthrow the government. Not just thought crimes. But the cops – even the once proud and professional RCMP – aren’t talking: they are threatening and abusing not just the truckers but those who are kind to the truckers. I think you re exactly right in the next paragraph: that thug Trudeau (worse than his father, whom Nathan met once a long time ago) is already ordering troops to Ottawa, and the city administration is as bad as anyone in Portland or Austin or San Francisco.)

That’s good advice, but unless truckers continue the protest, will public servants wait them out, believing truck drivers will eventually return to their delivery jobs or homes? Or will they call in their military to disperse peaceful protestors, though Trudeau said, in 2020, “It’s never appropriate” for Canada to use the army on its own citizens.

While I support the protests, my concern is for families who won’t find necessary groceries on store shelves if our public servants refuse to withdraw the mandates, though five of Canada’s ten provinces were already planning to do so last week. (A move apparently strongly frowned upon by Trudeau and Parliament.)

Trudeau proved what Washington, D. C.’s public servants demonstrated last January 6. He ran, just as truckers were descending on Ottawa, claiming he’s contracted COVID-19 and needed to isolate himself. He knows his mandate violates God-given freedom of choice.

(As stated, worse than his father: Elliot had one or two principles left when he was in office: but in Justin he raised a worthless son.  Reminds me of how the kings of Judah always seemed to raise sons more worthless than themselves – even those who did obey the Lord.)

So did U. S. government servants (I hesitate to call them “leaders”) who ran from patriots entering the Capitol Building last January. It seems they knew the 2020 election was stolen, so did their guilty consciences make them run and hide?

Meanwhile, trucker convoys are perfect examples of citizens rejecting “soulless elites forcing medical tyranny on them”, opined Right News Wire. Truckers said they plan to stay in Ottawa for months, if necessary, until all mandates are withdrawn. Last week, Polish immigrants reportedly showed up with thousands of Polish sausages and bread for the truckers, saying, “We came from communism. We want a free country.” In Australia last week, truckers were readying to drive to the Australian parliament in Canberra.

The Canadians truly have no real, fundamental rights given to them by God that are recognized by their governments.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (written and signed in 1982 and adopted in 1985!) has this first article:

“The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

 Such language: “subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law” – in other words NO basic liberty.

Because any politician, bureaucrat or cop can come up with excuses that are “demonstrably justified.”  Their four “fundamental freedoms” have been violated continuously since at least the start of the Pandemic Panic, and some for decades before that! 

  • “Freedom of conscience and religion” – unless you preach from certain passages in Scripture, which condemn homosexuality and adultery and fornication.
  • “Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression” – unless you put that sermon into a newspaper ad or a flyer: THEN you go to prison.  Or if you express your opinion that you can be whatever sex your set your mind to, or that you think that masks are worthless from preventing spread of certain diseases, or if you tell people the REAL science that says that vaccines that don’t vaccinate must be mandated. 
  • “Freedom of peaceful assembly” – unless you (your church, your family, your business” are locked down and you are not permitted to worship God by singing or sharing the Lord’s Supper because it supposedly spreads the disease. Or if you are truckers protesting vaccine mandates and travel restrictions.
  • “Freedom of association” – no assembly for worship, no family holidays with more than 10 people, and now, truckers cannot congregate even to pick up trash or take graffiti off monuments. Oh, and how about the right not to be arbitrarily detained (section 9).

Canadians are NOT free – they just have relatively polite and kind masters.

Canadian Tyranny Forced By Psychopathic Policing and Owned ...
Ottawa 2022

Afterword: Now I know at least one government official (former, retired, I know) also believes that the God-given rights of Canadians (and ALL humans) have been stolen by the very government that supposedly exists to protect them. That’s good.

But that little cowardly, spoiled, immature, brattish Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is a tyrant, more kin to Kim of North Korea than a leader of a free people. And Canadian government – like all human governments – exists to control people. Not preserve their liberty.

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