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Compromising with rebellious governments is not godly

In California, incredibly, a superior court judge ruled that a religious congregation can continue to worship indoors… with conditions, of course. Why is this incredible? In part because the US Supreme Court, by vote of 5 Nazguli, denied an application … Continue reading

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France – time for another revolution? or just another rebellion?

By Nathan Barton Since the middle of November, the streets of Paris and of other cities in La Belle France have seen weekends of protests by the “Yellow Vests,” decrying the massive fuel tax increase and other policies of the … Continue reading

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No liberty, no justice, for anyone

By Nathan Barton The blogsphere and the talking heads (at least, the “conservative” ones), are up in arms over some football player who – according to some, in an effort to rescue his rapidly declining career and change his poverty-stricken … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen – Don’t Complain!

by Nathan Barton A Baker’s Dozen ™ response to those awful people who don’t like what the government and politicians do: (with thanks to John Whitehead)

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Oregon: Beginning of the End? Or Something Else?

Libertarian Commentary, 05JAN2016, #16-01D by Nathan Barton Difficult as it is to sort through what is going on at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, after watching it for several days it appears to be a case of “too little, … Continue reading

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