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Is it time yet? Freedom = I won’t

As the “reality” of yet another corrupt, fraudulent, “social-justice warrior” federal administration (feral regime) grows closer and closer, it is once again time to ask a couple of critical questions: How can we, to quote Harry Browne, live free in … Continue reading

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Compromising with rebellious governments is not godly

In California, incredibly, a superior court judge ruled that a religious congregation can continue to worship indoors… with conditions, of course. Why is this incredible? In part because the US Supreme Court, by vote of 5 Nazguli, denied an application … Continue reading

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First Amendment further trashed – State by State

Breitbart News reports that police showed up to “warn” a congregation that they were violating the “law” (executive order of the Dictator of California and his deputy dictator of public health) by gathering for worship on Sunday afternoon, the 5th, … Continue reading

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Criminalizing speech

By Nathan Barton I recently commented on San Francisco’s Politburo (their “Board of Supervisors”) declaring the NRA a domestic terrorist organization. It was pointed out to me the apparent standard by which the NRA was so judged by these municipal … Continue reading

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