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Mask or vaxx – put up or shut up

Take your pick: The Godfather, Uncle Joe, has spoken. Obey or die. (The die is cast, it is time to march across the river, for America’s Master is now in control. All hail! Biden’s puppet masters are “laying down the … Continue reading

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Biden the showman? or the godfather?

It is even more common today than before the 2020 Election to portray Joe Biden as Sleepy Joe, rapidly descending into the abyss of dementia, and nothing but a tool and front of a cabal of uber-leftists and enemies of … Continue reading

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Is it time yet? Freedom = I won’t

As the “reality” of yet another corrupt, fraudulent, “social-justice warrior” federal administration (feral regime) grows closer and closer, it is once again time to ask a couple of critical questions: How can we, to quote Harry Browne, live free in … Continue reading

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Resistance is futile?

By Nathan Barton The headline phrase is one of the many additions to our culture, from the Star Trek franchise. One used both in the cause of liberty and tyranny. It is a meme that government would love for us … Continue reading

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