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Biden the showman? or the godfather?

It is even more common today than before the 2020 Election to portray Joe Biden as Sleepy Joe, rapidly descending into the abyss of dementia, and nothing but a tool and front of a cabal of uber-leftists and enemies of … Continue reading

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How many wars?

By Nathan Barton One more war – this one in Yemen. The FedGov has (officially, at least) stayed out of the multisided fight in this nation of 25 million Muslims, between various governments and various outsiders (especially the Saudi gangsters), … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 18 Nov 2015, #15-46B: Looks can deceive

By Nathan Barton The above pictures come from some of the many articles concerning the response to the attacks in Paris.  Frankly, who can tell the difference between the Caliphate’s murdering warriors and the State’s murdering thugs?? Not just in … Continue reading

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