Biden the showman? or the godfather?

It is even more common today than before the 2020 Election to portray Joe Biden as Sleepy Joe, rapidly descending into the abyss of dementia, and nothing but a tool and front of a cabal of uber-leftists and enemies of liberty.

Biden about to throw rubber chicken into the ring ...
Clown or….

His recent guest performance (basically a cameo appearance) on the reality show “FedGov Today” as a speechgiver emphasizes that perception.

Recently, articles have appeared stating that Biden is just a front for a third term of the infamous Barry Soetero (Obama), with whom he speaks at least daily to get his orders. Numerous “conservatives” and even a few (possibly) libertarian types even ran betting pools on how long it would be before Sleepy Joe was shunted into retirement so that Kamala Harris could ascend to the Resolute Desk.

What if it is all an act?

What if Uncle Joe is something much different? What if he is really the crime lord who runs a crime family that makes the Clintons, the Kennedys, and Al Capone look like the amateurs that they are? What if it is all just a very successful act? If Joseph Biden is indeed the Godfather? And an incredible actor and strategic artist?

Is bumbling, stumbling, handsy, foot-in-mouth Joe all a front? A fake to end all fakes? Is there really NOT a puppet master (or masters) pulling Joe’s strings? But just an elaborate and successful cabal led by the man himself?

There seems to be at least some evidence to this outside the box sort of idea. President Reagan was sometimes nicknamed the “Teflon President” because nothing seemed to stick. But perhaps Uncle Joe’s entire family is Teflon – consider how Hunter has skated again and again. Consider how Uncle Joe himself has seemingly made blunder after blunder, and yet is seemingly the owner and user of a perpetual get-out-of-jail card. MEanwhile, Biden is putting more and more pressure on everyone in his tsunami of executive orders and other actions, while pushing everything he wants through his controlled Democrat Congress.

The major theme is NOT anti-Trump, or Russia-baiting/hating, or punishing the GOP, or fighting the COVID-19, fighting manmade global warming, or any of the variations. It is purely about POWER. Power to destroy, power to reward, and power to build still more power. Indeed, power for its own sake.

Because for people like these crime families, power translates to, and IS, wealth: wealth beyond belief, without measure. Wealth taken from the most available and easily exploited sources: now even the future, but including every erg of effort, every minute of labor. Sources include the American people and their businesses, even those businesses allied with the crime lords, or crime lords in their own right. The entire rest of the world – even the enemies: everyone is expected to and does pay tribute in some way to these families.

These people are not amoral. Rather, they practice a morality measured in dollars or gold, other forms of wealth, and control over people: hours and bodies. An evil morality, in which everything is twisted from fundamentals of the zero aggression principle and the Golden Rule. A morality which states that (with the exception of the person with the power and wealth, and perhaps their immediate and like-minded family) other humans are less than animals, and exist only to be exploited in whatever way and for whatever purpose the elite makes them out to be.

In service to this perverted morality, to achieve their own goals of wealth and control, these people are willing to do virtually anything. Including being clowns and fools to the rest of the world, and pretending to honor and worship whatever gods and principles those that they control (or wish to control) may have.

Wiki Fiction: January 2010

One particular fictional character comes to mind, from Isaac Asimov’s novel Foundation and Empire. The Mule, as he called himself, was a warlord, tyrant, and mass-manipulator, who played at being a clown, Magnifico Giganticus, to carry out his schemes and establish and perpetuate his regime.

It is a truly frightening suggestion, that we are all being fooled, in layers like an onion. But whether we are, or not, it is clear that the Biden regime is insane, dangerous, and necessary to be endured and defeated.

Rejecting government and its false promises and premises is essential. Resisting its blandishments AND its threats is difficult, but can be done.

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1 Response to Biden the showman? or the godfather?

  1. Capn Mike says:

    Vincent (Chin) Gigante, boss of the Genovese crime family.


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