Serbia redux?

Nobody in the West cares.

Or so it seems, but maybe it is just a matter of suppressing the truth.

According to Bing and Google, the only news stories about a Western ultimatum to Serbia issued on Christmas Eve can be found in the Malaysia Sun and a website called (possibly a Bosnian newspaper), and Global Village Space (apparently a Pakistani magazine that is somehow associated with Columbia University). Quite strange, no? Oh, it is also being reported by (the former Russia Today) but we all know that results from RT are not reported by search engines since it is all “fake news”

What is the truth? That five NATO countries (US, France, Germany, Italy, and of course the United Kingdom) issued an ultimatum to Belgrade that the ethnic Serbians who have been protesting most of the month in Kosovo (their home country) must remove barricades or the West will allow the Kosovo government to send troops into the area to tear them down – with bloodshed expected to follow.

The Kosovo Serbs claim that they are protesting unfair treatment, discrimination, and arrests and firing of Serbs by the Kosovo government, which is dominated by ethnic Albanians. And demanding enforcement of the agreement which ended the last Balkan war. The Kosovo regime has to get NATO to allow them to deploy troops in their “own” country because NATO has “peacekeeping” forces there.

The last Balkan War theoretically ended twenty-three years ago, in 1999. Things are always tense in the former Yugoslavia and its neighbors like Albania and Greece, but matters have been getting more heated in the past year, apparently at least partially over a dispute between – get this – auto license plates. And of course, the roots go back a long way. TPOL doesn’t know which side(s) (if any) are in the right in the various disputes and conflicts, but it is clear that every government involved is doing what governments do best: make a bigger mess of any problem.

Although the ultimatum of 24 hours has apparently expired, there has been no reported action to allow the Serb thug-troops to go whale on peoples’ heads, or of Serb volunteers to race to the aid and succor of their relatives, or by NATO to scrape up more troops to back up their valiant peacekeepers watching over the unsettled people and lands for nearly a quarter-century!

But we at TPOL are reminded all too much of a similar ultimatum to Serbia more than a hundred years ago, way back in 1914. (No, none of us were around then: our grandparents were, though.)

That, of course, led to the Great War – the first major phase of the Global War that took most of the 20th Century and prematurely killed tens (if not hundreds) of millions of people, and destroyed trillions of gold ounces of wealth, before the fall of the Soviet Union about 80 years later. Nobody thought that some backwater place in Southeast Europe would have triggered all that then.

And clearly, no one in the media or the powers-that-be in the West are concerned now. Despite the nasty war going on a few hundred miles to the northeast, or the way the EU and NATO and their members seem to be treating the Balkans AND simultaneously egging on Moscow. And according to many, risking nuclear war.

Add to this the escalating provocations in East Asia (the Western Pacific)? Things are getting dicey. Breitbart today reports a mass incursion into Taiwan’s air defense zone by 72 Red Army combat aircraft on Christmas. Despite claims to the contrary, the aircraft apparently were NOT just supposed to be an honor guard for Santa’s sleigh. And of course, USAF and USN deployments to the Korean-Japanese region are viewed by Beloved Leader in Pyongyang to be as great a threat to his regime as the $45 billion in arms and other military aid to Ukraine is seen by Moscow.

In other words, worldwide, things are ratcheting up. But we here in the Fifty States clearly don’t need to know this is happening. Or that there is a risk of a three-front war. Or more.

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