Lies and more lies – greenhouse gas and global warming

Realizing the article we will comment on is a couple of months old, it is still worth discussing. Virtually daily we are pounded with a dozen agitprop tales of manmade global warming from dozens of sources. On the internet, newspapers, television, radio, even billboards and flyers. It is important to have good talking points to count that.

The manmade climate change or manmade global warming scam is just that: a scam to create panic and persuade people around the world, but especially here in the States. Persuade them to do what? Surrender more and more power to the politicians (and the technocrats that work for them) and to accept lower standards of living – “sustainable” lifestyles that make the 21st Century a modern version of some Egyptian dynasty in which there was little or no progress for centuries.

From the Arizona Daily Independent, 4 December 2021, with comments from The Price of Liberty’s publisher in italics.

This is a good counter to the “mythmakers” – those politicians, activists, and so-called scientists who believe that “manmade global warming” or “manmade climate change” are destroying the planet, society, and civilization. They promote severe – totalitarian – actions to “combat climate change” even though there is no evidence that the actions will have ANY impact on global climate. Why? See below.

Politicians and international organizations think (note: they CLAIM to think) we can stop climate change by eliminating 0.13% of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere in spite of the fact that climate has been changing all by itself for four billions years. (Or as many of us believe – with scientific evidence to back us up, not just faith – seven to ten thousand years.)

“…the most dangerous greenhouse-gas emissions come from the front ends of politicians, not the back ends of cows…”

Walter Russell Mead

The “greenhouse effect” is proposed as an atmospheric “blanket” that keeps Earth warm. However, the term “greenhouse effect” with respect to the atmosphere is an unfortunate analogy because it is misleading. The interior of a real greenhouse (or your automobile parked with windows closed and left in the sun) heats up because there is a physical barrier to convective heat loss. There is no such physical barrier in the atmosphere. The greenhouse hypothesis deals only with heat transfer by radiation and conduction, but completely ignores convective heat transfer. Convective heat transfer in the atmosphere shreds the alleged “blanket.”

In short, the “greenhouse effect” is this:

Solar radiation, mostly short-wave radiation, passes through the atmosphere and warms the surface. In turn, the heated surface re-radiates energy as long-wave infrared radiation back to the atmosphere and eventually, back to space. (TPOL: See and keep in mind that virtually ALL websites discussing greenhouse effect are run by the mythmakers.)

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere intercept specific wavelengths of the long-wave infrared radiation and transfer some of the energy to excite (warm) other molecules in the atmosphere, some of the radiation goes back to warm the surface, and some of the radiation is radiated into space. Once all or most of a specific long-wave infrared radiation wavelength is intercepted (become saturated), additional amounts of a greenhouse gas will have no effect. Carbon dioxide reaches saturation at about 280 parts per million (ppm). Currently carbon dioxide is at 413 ppm. (Source)

The major greenhouse gases, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane, represent about 2% of the atmosphere. Water vapor comprises 95% of total greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide comprises 4% of total greenhouse gas. Human carbon dioxide emissions represent just 3.4% of atmospheric carbon dioxide, or 0.13% of the total greenhouse gas. (Source)

Do you think that eliminating 0.13% of greenhouse gas can significantly effect global temperature? I think not. (Written by Jonathan DuHamel)

As an engineer, this information is invaluable – in part because it can be verified and the effects can be demonstrated. The false, self-serving claims of the global warming believers cannot be.

A second article worth reviewing can be found at the Heartland Institute website.

So what do lovers of liberty do about this? Teach, teach, teach: your children, your grandchildren, other family members, friends, even teachers and politicians. It won’t be a one-time thing: the steady pounding beat of the agitprop will continue because government, financial institutions, and big business – to say nothing of the scheming “educational” institutions and government-funded “scientists.” As with the constant drumbeat of COVID-19 messages, it is hard to overcome. But truth CAN overcome the lies and power-hungry tactices.

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