Blue-gang board vindicates psychopathic killer

Who watches the watchers? Who guards the guardians?

Perhaps the better question might be “who kills the killers?”

Call them what you want. The blue gang, the jack-booted thugs, the blue brotherhood. Their record grows sicker by the day. Not that there aren’t good cops – and I mean, really good – not the old definition “a good cop is one that stays bought.” But they seem to make the vast majority of their fellow-gangbangers look bad.

This week, “An internal investigation of the Metropolitan Police Department has reportedly found the beating of an unconscious Trump supporter by an officer during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to be ‘objectively reasonable.'” As reported by NewsMax in a not-unexpected but still shocking story.

Never mind that the same Internal Affairs board determined that the woman was ALREADY unconscious when the Capitol Policewoman started beating her with a steel baton and a wooden walking stick. Never mind that the incident was video-recorded. Never mind that the unconscious woman was trapped under other people and couldn’t move. Never mind that the reason for the pile of (live) bodies was caused when the cops decided NOT to let them flee from the Capitol via a tunnel and gassed them. Never mind that it seems likely that the cops didn’t try to revive her for 90 minutes or more, and apparently chased off two of the protesters who were giving her CPR after her beating.

The medical examiner (another government employee) claims the woman actually died of an overdose of Adderall (an amphetamines she had taken by prescription for years). (Is it the opposite of COVID statistics reporting: if you die in a motorcycle accident where you are beheaded, but the autopsy finds your body hosted a COVID-19 infection, your death is “due to COVID.”? She had Adderall in her body, so being trapped under a pile of people, or being beaten on the head with a steel tube and a piece of wood, or being denied first aid, was just incidental to a drug overdose?)

But according to the blue-suited internal affairs investigating thugs, Policewoman Lila Morris was justified in her use of deadly force. (Just like the other killer cop that day, who gunned down a man trying to get in a window, as I recall, and in no way threatening the cop or anyone else.)

Oh, I don’t like to list the names of killers, but this time I am doing so because Morris is BACK ON DUTY and if you have the misfortune of having to be in DC sometime, SHE may be the cop that demands your papers or stops you for being suspicious. And heaven help you if you suddenly faint or get trapped where she can see you and has her baton or a nearby branch to grab!

But it is more than just a psychotic cop who kills (or, okay, contributes to her death) without reason. It is a system which hires people like her – and trains her to be MORE psychotic, MORE paranoid, MORE abusive and MORE aggressive. And it is a system that lets “brothers in blue” instead of impartial juries decide things like this. (Hey, I’m a christian, an engineer and an Army officer – next time I have to be on trial, I’m gonna demand that judge and jury be my peers: they all have to be christians who are engineers and at least veterans. Oh, I won’t insist they all be Army.)

But worse, this killer got praised as a hero for beating a trapped, unconscious woman to death on a tunnel floor. And some non-government type (person or business) awarded her for her oh-so-brave and glorious act with a free ride to last year’s Superbowl game. How’s THAT for punishment? Even beats a slap on the hand. But she got lots of slaps on the back, eh?

Yeah, I know that this is just one cop out of millions. Like Chavin. Like the seven serial-killer cops in this story. Like the NYPD cops who sodomized Abner Louima, and choked Eric Gardner to death for selling onesie cigarettes. So hundreds, maybe.

But our haters of liberty and enemies of freedom want ZERO TOLERANCE for guns in schools, and want ZERO traffic deaths. Why not ZERO TOLERANCE for killer cops?

Because cops exist not to enforce laws but to enforce POWER over others. And bent cops are the front-line of the war against liberty. They are, with or without official armies, an occupation force that is always there to punish anyone who doesn’t do what government officials want do.

So I have to work really hard to have sympathy for the families (much less the comrades) of the 73 cops intentionally killed last year (highest in 25 years!) Even though I know a few good cops. And knew a few cops who got killed doing the right thing.

Because a few good cops don’t excuse or justify the killers like Morris and the abusers and toadies for tyrants.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Blue-gang board vindicates psychopathic killer

  1. Mike-SMO says:

    It seems clear that no one with “Capitol..” anything on their CV should ever be hired by a legitimate agency or branch of government. They are either perpetrators or those who tolerate perpetrators.


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