How many fronts?

In WW2, the FedGov was apparently fighting a war, officially, on two fronts: The Great Pacific War against Japan (supported by primarily the British and their Empire as allies and China), and The Hitler War (with again, British Imperial allies, a handful of refugees, and of course that great “ally” Stalin’s Soviet Union).

Skip forward a about 80 years. The FedGov has been at war virtually constantly in that time, but only about five years of “all-out war” – the rest of the fighting has been intense but sporatic and on the whole have very little direct (and acknowledged) impact on the Home Front. And it has always had allies.

But now?

DC is still fighting all kinds of little brush wars, even though Uncle Joe gave up on the mess of Afghanistan – just like his predecessors have all the way back to at least Alexander, and probably the Persians before him. But we still garrison two-thirds of the planet.

(Did you know US troops raided a village in northwestern Syria in the last ten days or so? Sent 3000 troops to Poland? We even still have troops in CALIFORNIA!)

Seriously though, there seems to be a push by Uncle Joe (or his puppet masters) to get as many parts of the world into real shooting wars in which the FedGov and Americans do more than sell and maintain weapons, send news reports and pictures, and get to be victims (if not nearly as often as the local folks).

Here is a rundown on the ones I can see easily. (There are no doubt a lot more.)

First, of course, we still have the entire Mesopotamian/Persian mess: the mullahs of Iran, the latest incarnation of the Caliphate, the opposition in Iraq, and all that.

Closely associated to the M/P front – maybe part of same one? The Israeli/Syrian/Palestinian or ISP front. Which might include the Sinai.

These are close, of course, to the relatively new Ukrainian front (not to be confused with the WW2 Soviet military formation of the same name) as Biden (and the neo-cons) continue to feed Chicken Little (or was it the Boy who cried Wolf?)

But DC is not content with that, of course. Let us beat the war drums over the growing confrontations in the East and South China Seas, made even more serious by pilot error that dumped a $100 million bucks of F-35 over the side of the USS Carl Vinson. Added to threats and stupid games over Taiwan, China claiming million of acres of sea bottom, and spoiled brats playing games in the Olympics, and (lest we forget, the wonderfully and freshly skinny leader of the DPRK (North Korea).

We continue to fight a low-intensity (or maybe not) war at arm’s length in Mexico and Columbia and the Carib over drugs.

And now? Now Uncle Joe is telling that idiot Justin Trudeau in Ottawa to use force against the truckers. That is SO going to get them back to work. After they serve jailtime of course. THAT will get the supply chain going, won’t it? But Uncle Joe is offering US troops to aid Trudeau in putting down the “illegal” protest.

So much so that apparently he is not going to have any troops to help withdraw Americans from Ukraine if Russia invades. Yes, he sent 3,000 troops over – but to Poland. In addition to thus getting one up on Uncle Adolf back in 1939 ( he only grabbed about half of Poland), as near as I can tell, the main duty of those troops will be to ensure that any unvaccinated Americans can’t leave Ukraine. It does seem that Uncle Joe has HIS priorities straight, despite his screams about masks and vaccines and Russians and Trump conspirators.

Anyone else he want to pick a fight with? I dunno.

But speaking of Canada, if the truckers don’t back down – and at the moment they seem unlikely to do so soon – Trudeau may be enough of a coward to ask for US troops to help him and Parliament to evacuate and set up a government-in-exile in some some American city. (Chicago comes to mind. He could get there by plane or boat. Or maybe move in with Bill and Hillary, or the Obamas.)

Of course, if Trump… excuse me, Biden tries to send American troops to invade Canada, there may be a lot of American States that say enough is enough. They could refuse to send their own National Guard troops and planes. Refuse to let Army and Air Force regulars pass though their States and through their airspace. No doubt some federal courts would issue injunctions – but how many battalions and squadrons does Roberts have?

And if the US invasion is at the invitation of little cowardly minority-elected, ex-blackface yuppie Prime Minister? Well, everyone agreed with a Canadian supreme court decision a few years ago that ANY and ALL of the Provinces can secede from Canada whenever they vote to do so.

I find it quite easy to see a coalition of Prairie Provinces and Plains (and Mountain) States deciding both to secede and form a new confederation or alliance: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. Maybe Utah.

And wouldn’t THAT be a hoot. Especially if pieces of Colorado and Arizona and Nevada and Nebraska sign up. With a few chunks of British Columbia and Ontario?

But new battlefield fronts like that – a new World War IV? – don’t bother our Uncle Joe and his manipulators. Those rebellious, illegal, unlawful and just plain awful ex-Canadians and ex-Americans would all get COVID-19 and die.

That’s what the science says, right?

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