Setting new records – the Anti-Trumper regime

Uncle Joe has made it clear since Election Day 2020 that the dominant theme of his administration was to be to do the opposite of what The Donald and his people did for the previous four years.

He appears to be succeeding.

How much is intentional and how much is “unplanned?” For millions, conditions are far worse in February 2022 than they were in January or February of 2021.

Of course, he (or his puppet masters) had other goals. No, not the ones that they announced, but the goals hidden in the so-called liberal, so-called progressive den of serpents called the deep state, the duopoly, the powers that be.

All of which are the antithesis of libertarian ideals, and even more so that of free-market anarchists.


  • Oil prices are rapidly approaching $100/barrel.
  • Nationally, gasoline prices are more than a dollar higher than a year ago.
  • Oil exploration and production in the Fifty States is the lowest in a decade, despite the incentive of prices.
  • Yet all the insider deals for Big Oil are still in place.
  • Food and other prices are inflating at double-digit rates in the past year (yeah, I know that is “temporary”) but the economy is “booming” and employment is “up.”
  • COVID-19 continues to be used as the excuse for totalitarian actions at all levels of government: usually buttressed by Big Business.
  • Yet more people supposedly died of COVID-19 in JAN 2021-JAN 2022 than in the evil Trump year of JAN 2020-JAN 2021.
  • Trump was supposed to be a pawn of Russia, yet supposed Russian aggression has been met only by words and threats – no action.
  • Trump was supposed to have angered China, yet China seems to be more aggressive towards the FedGov now in the Uncle Joe year than before.
  • Having Uncle Joe in office and the Dems in charge of Congress and cities was supposed to be calming, yet more cops were killed in line of duty in 2021 than in 27 years.
  • Having Uncle Joe in office was supposed to reassure our European (and other allies) yet they don’t seem to be reassured very much.
  • Having Uncle Joe in office was supposed to reunite the States. Yet we are constantly told, by the full range of media, that these States are closer to a new Civil War than any time in the last 150 years.
  • … and more and more Americans are being labeled as terrorists, extremists, and enemies of the state.
  • We are told that the 2022 elections will be totally corrupt and illegitimate if their so-called election reforms are not passed and enforced: although the 2020 elections are completely legitimate even without those “reforms.”

We can only speculate, but it seems as though the secret objectives of the winners of the 2020 election ARE being largely met. What might those be?

  • Power – personal and governmental power
  • More and more control over the daily lives of more and more people
  • Increasing wealth for the elite
  • More and more division and fragmentation of society
  • More and more integration of the States into the world – society, economy, and more.

Again, all of this is exactly the opposite of what lovers of liberty want. These things do NOT lead to peace and prosperity, to freedom and liberty. These things are insane, benefiting only those in power and their favored pets.

Trump was bad – there is no doubt. In large part because the FedGov is bad: a bad servant of the States, and a worse master of the States and the People. But bad as Trump was (and still may be), the network of shadowy and plain figures around Uncle Joe seems far worse. Building on the power of the FedGov (which Trump did little to reduce) and in response to the evil orange man’s deeds, the current regime in DC is more than ever a threat to liberty.

Think on these things.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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