Time to start new ways of recycling

NOTICE: The Price of Liberty does NOT advocate the initiation of violence, even against government officials and their goons. However, TPOL DOES support any methods of self-defense and defense of others (family, friends, community, homeless, weak, etc.) against aggression: especially the aggression of government and those who worship government.

Are you prepared for the ramping up of chaos and violence? It’s only January, folks: the hot summer months are just that – months away. But things seem to be getting hot and heavy already.

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Here is one answer – RECYCLING FOR FUN AND SELF-DEFENSE (or DEFENCE, as you shall see if you read on).


The weekend and Monday news is filled (where allowed) with reports of the Canadian meltdown – the Convoy for Freedom of somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 over-the-road truck drivers. Ottawa, the confederation’s capital and one of dozens of woke Canadian cities, is in a state of terror, panicking over the presence of thousands of semi-trucks joined by thousands of singing, chanting, and marching Canadians. The world’s impression of Canadians as quiet, polite, peaceful, and self-effacing Canadian subjects of Her Majesty is being demonstrated to be as much propaganda as anything on the CBC, NPR, or the BBC.

And there are rumors of the movement spreading, around the world. Even as Canadian provincial premiers – as willfully tyrannical as their cousin governors in the adjacent American States – try either to suppress the protesters and their supporters, or to join in their revolt against the often-toothless Federal Government (CFedGov). Led by the cowardly, incompetent, and hypocritical Trudeau.

But even if this fizzles out (as have others, both Stateside and in the Provinces), this may be a turning point. Disarmed, emasculated, shocked and disgraced by their CFedGov – despite the well-established right of ANY Province to secede, and despite the lure of more freedom and less political correctness within 100 miles of every Canadian’s home? Maybe THIS time Canadians will remember the heritage of Secord and MacDonald and so many other Canadian patriots as heirs of the British who once sang “never shall be slaves!”

And maybe, just maybe, even those pusillanimous and thoroughly cowed and whipped “Americans” who live in places like New York, Maine, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Washington State will ALSO stand up on the hind legs and tell their own tyrants to flee the righteous wrath of free people.

Which brings me to the headline of this commentary.

While firearms can do much to overthrow the dictators, the tyrants, the scum that rise to the top of government, there are more weapons. Weapons which even Canadians can find, make and use. Disarmed of firearms? Yes. Just as the peaceful and law-abiding people of New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois and California have been.


But you too can help save the environment AND regain your freedom by defending yourself against the scummy dogs, goons and overseers of your local and State (or Provincial) government.

Recycle! Stale gasoline, contaminated diesel, used motor oil, old rags, and especially, glass bottles. Oh, and do not forget plastic: specifically Styrofoam pellets and other packing material.

I am, of course, speaking of bottle bombs or fire bottles – too often known by the Communist name of Molotov cocktails.

Again, for self-defense, they do have disadvantages as compared to pistols. Or even carbines or rifles. But there are still many good things to be said for them. Especially when the authorities have tried to disable and disarm you.

The Molotov Cocktail. A weapon named after Stalin’s ...

Keep in mind, please – for beginners:

  1. The bottles need to be GLASS or CERAMIC. Plastic jars and bottles, like the ubiquitous 16.9 or 20-oz Coke and Pepsi products, just don’t work. At least not for general use. NOR do aluminum cans – not even the big 23 or 24 ounce ones. You need glass: whether Coors Beer or Root Beer, or Mexican Coke (Coca-Cola, NOT the other stuff!). (Advise against pickle and salad dressing glass bottles – the mouths are too big.
  2. Caution: If the bottle has a plastic or thick wrap-around paper label or insulation, be sure to remove it and properly dispose of that non-recyclable waste – don’t litter!
  3. Remember that while you CAN get Diesel or used motor oil to work, gasoline is better. Gasoline with ethanol (10% or 15%) is even better. But alcohol by itself – even 200 proof – just doesn’t work that well. For one thing, gasoline dissolves Styrofoam better, if you want the flames to stay in one place or stick up against the sides of armored (or unarmored) cop cars.
  4. And don’t use FR (Flame-resistant) cloth rags – go with the old cotton and linen stuff. (I don’t know how well hemp works – anyone tried that?)
  5. Make sure you use new, fresh lighters. Yes, matches and punk sticks CAN work, but they take more time.
  6. Above all, practice your throws. This isn’t your standard baseball or softball, folks. And you don’t want to miss or throw into something soft. (Like the fat belly of a jack-booted thug or desk jockey.) As with firearms, follow safety precautions carefully.

Above all, be prepared: supplies, practice, and always with a sense of situational awareness. And remember, we do NOT initiate violence, and a bomb bottle is certainly that.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Time to start new ways of recycling

  1. Hedge says:

    How about we just start shoving all the trash up liberals a***s.


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