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What’s really going on? Statistics and crime.

By Nathan Barton Mama Liberty and I frequently discussed the degree to which we could trust government-generated statistics, and how much of this data was faked, twisted, or fudged/nudged to meet the requirements of the powers-that-be, specifically to keep the … Continue reading

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Dealing with the police, 2018

By Nathan Barton PragerU, the growing internet university, contains a wealth of informative, short (5 minutes or so) lectures presented in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner I only wish that high school teachers of government, current affairs, civics, and … Continue reading

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It gets so old

By Nathan Barton Although I am a lover of liberty and very much (and more and more) an anarchist (self-governor), I tend to sympathize and empathize with conservatives – even conservative statists – more than with their enemies on the … Continue reading

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More thoughts on the Las Vegas Massacre (#3)

By Nathan Barton This week, I’ve lost track of the times I’ve heard politicians say the most disgusting things. First, of course, we have the liberals demanding “reasonable” gun laws. Then we have the conservatives whining about how this isn’t … Continue reading

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Killing people in the Fifty States

By Nathan Barton Are we really one of  the most violent societies on earth?  Are we a bloodsoaked culture? According to some, the Fifty States are.  But lets look at the reality. To me, one of the more interesting webzines … Continue reading

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Guest Commentary: Government and Innocent Blood

Nathan’s Note: This article is from a religious (christian) point of view, but addresses a number of very good points regarding “Government and Innocent Blood.” It was originally written 20 years ago, and has been edited somewhat for this publication, … Continue reading

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Whom do we believe? More terrorism or just nutcases?

By Nathan Barton The hits are coming hard and fast now, in Europe: Ansbach, Normandy, Munich… the peaceful society of Europe’s two major powers is long gone. And who is to blame? Who is doing it? Today, look at just … Continue reading

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