Slippery slope – for real?

Science Fiction is full of it – and sadly, so is human history.

What? Treating humans like animals. “Other animals” in the beliefs of many, including those we think would never act on it.

World Net Daily recently featured a story about medical doctors who support the idea of suicide to provide organs for donation and transplant. It was prompted by an article in Psychology Today. “Should you be able to give your heart away, literally?”


The idea is sick. Not because it is wrong to give your life for someone else. That is an essential part of human nature, and is taught in the Bible. For children, for spouses, for friends.

It is the reason for doing so that is sick. Suicide is virtually always a result of significant mental problems: of stress seen as unbearable, of despair and hopelessness. It is not normal – and I think that opinion is one common both to religions that believe in a Creator and those who believe that humankind developed by evolution. Suicide is not a survival trait.

There is also the impact on the person(s) involved in killing the would-be suicide, in a manner allowing some or all of the dead person’s organs to be salvaged.

But there is another reason. It is the slippery slope in the headline. If it is acceptable for a healthy adult to arrange to be killed (“commit suicide” or “assisted suicide”), it is virtually inevitable that several things will happen. First, there will be encouragement to do so. “Save a life – kill yourself!” is not really a catchy advertising slogan but I’m sure people will come up with much better.

Ask yourself who, and which institutions, would benefit – besides the recipients of the organs? Do you want those people, those organizations, advertising for suicidal people?

Is this not highly predatory behavior?

And no doubt, at first the law would make it illegal for minors – perhaps even anyone under the age of 21 – to be processed. But it is likely that the pressure to allow that would quickly follow. We have seen that happen time and time again, often with success: the present transgender “transition” industry being a painful current example, as children are preyed upon.

And at what point is “voluntary” going to turn into “being volunteered” under certain conditions? Again, mission creep is inevitable. And since one of the beneficiaries, in various ways, is certain to be government? What do we expect? We can assume that initially there would be laws against payment for organs – at least payments to the “donor” or their heirs. But there are ways around that.

Indeed, it would not be unexpected to see “suicide centers” open in various locations, just as we have abortion clinics. And though not clearly identified, “clinics” that specialize and profit from sex transitions and other procedures.

So is this not just a sick idea but a very bad idea?

However, it is not a very new idea. Two examples come to mind. It has been reported for years that Red China has harvested the organs of executed criminals. There has been some evidence in the past to support that claim. The other is reported from Waffen-SS units in World War Two, where it was reported and documented that wounded Waffen-SS soldiers who were triaged and determined not likely to survive were killed more quickly by using them as blood donors. No, blood is not an organ but is essential to life. The technology to transplant organs did not exist then. But a regime willing to make lampshades out of human skin and send millions to ovens and gas chambers would not hesitate to kill people for their organs. Especially enemies of the state.

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