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Congress-critters: worse than telemarketers and used-car salesmen

According to a nationwide Gallup survey (reported in a column of the American Institute of Economic Research), here is how our esteemed Representatives and Senators rate as far as honesty and ethics: Congress: 58% rate it low or very low … Continue reading

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Honesty, yes … but about what? And more examples of the world going bonkers.

By Nahtan Barton As the FedGov sets a new record for government shutdowns (even though it is a very limited one), 2019 is starting out as an epic year of weirdness and frankly, insanity. Before I provide more examples, here … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-19C: Taxes, cops and other evil things

By Nathan Barton Good morning, and what all do we have today? More wind, more winter, and more government stupidity.  Oh, and more taxes (theft). Thanks to the Tax Foundation, we can compare states as far as how much they … Continue reading

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