Honesty, yes … but about what? And more examples of the world going bonkers.

By Nahtan Barton

As the FedGov sets a new record for government shutdowns (even though it is a very limited one), 2019 is starting out as an epic year of weirdness and frankly, insanity.

Before I provide more examples, here is the one that triggered the thought.

The new (Democratic) senator for Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema, refused to take her oath of office on a Bible (or a Koran) and instead took it on a book of laws, including the US and Arizona Constitutions.  Why?  Because she has always “loved the Constitution.” Well, honesty is the best policy. I suppose that if someone is a Trekker (Trekkie) that it will be okay to take their oath on a DVD set of Season One of the original series.

But I do have to admit that she is at least being honest.  Virtually all politicians, including those who are agnostic or atheist (although few will admit that, even today) use the Bible, a tradition which started because people believed that the Constitution of the United States was based on the “Laws of God” as found in the Tanakh (Old Testament) and New Testament.  And understanding that government was supposed to be limited and subject to those laws of God (and of nature).  It was also a tacit but public recognition that their power as officials was limited and that they were subject to “higher powers.” To quote South Dakota’s motto, “Under God the People Rule.”

Of course modern US Senators recognize NO constraint on their power, except maybe two.  Whether Democrat or Republican, they see their power and the power of government limited by nothing more than money and votes.  IF THAT.  After all, they can (and do) create “money” and then use that money to buy votes.  And the guns that enforce their power, ultimately.  However much the fuzzy, stuffed mittens hide the steel and razor blades of their gloves.

Of course, various “conservative” and GOP figures have expressed their outrage at this indecent act of honesty on the part of the senator that supposedly represents the formerly free State of Arizona (by a mere 56,000 votes and less than 50% of the total vote).  But in doing so, they exhibit their hypocrisy.  They claim to swear to God that they will uphold and defend the Constitution and carry out their duties faithfully, and turn right around (literally in the same hour!) and betray their constituents, their states, liberty, and the Constitution.  And therefore, their supposed oath to God (as in “so help me, God.”).

Yes, we are all sinners, but they don’t even try. They are taking a false oath.

But then, based on her platform and affiliations, it is clear that Sinema is no more giving her oath of office with sincerity and honesty than the other 99 “conscript fathers” that nest in the cesspool under that big white dome. She, and pretty much every one of them, has no intent to uphold, much less defend, the Constitution.

But on to other examples of bizarre behavior and insanity in the still-new 2019:

  • San Francisco has reached yet another low.  A homeless man who probably couldn’t afford to buy breakfast there, brought a dead raccoon into a McDonalds.  I assume this was to try and help pay for his meal. They didn’t like his method of payment, didn’t feed him, and called the cops.  Then insulted him (to their own expense) by shutting the place down for five hours to clean and sanitize.  (Isn’t this better than if he had taken a dump out on the sidewalk in front of the McD?).
  • Navajos questioned about their offense over “cultural appropriation” demonstrated that despite their overwhelming voting for Democratic “Regressive” candidates, they have still allowed themselves to be brainwashed by haters and bigots such as Trump.  Will Whit of PragerU visited the Navajo Nation to find out how outraged Dineh were about Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins and “Native American” Halloween costumes and most of those he interviewed were not bothered.  One man, clearly so totally indoctrinated he obviously must hate himself, even gave a passionate statement about how wonderful cultural appropriation is.
  • I really hate to admit it, but for once I can agree with an Iranian Supreme Leader.  As reported in the Blaze, he called FedGov leaders (our FedGov, not someone else’s) “first-class idiots.” Again, points for honesty.
  • On the other hand, what is with all these ’60’s and ’70’s anti-war activists and their buddies the Tranzi Regressives screaming out in anger about Trump’s supposed withdrawal from Syria and drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan?  Ain’t they all big peaceniks? Should not they be glad that American troops (and civilian contractors) are out of harm’s way?  Oh, yeah, that’s right – they said nothing against the 8-year squatter when he sent all those troops and aircraft to all those places.  Maybe it isn’t what you do, but who you are?

Anyway, just a few examples of the growing insanity in this first two weeks of 2019.

Liberty, on the other hand, means that you are a lot less likely to have to deal with the screwiness of someone else’s world view, since they are unlikely to have much power over you.


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  1. Darkwing says:

    FYI: it is going to get worse.


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