Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-19C: Taxes, cops and other evil things

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and what all do we have today? More wind, more winter, and more government stupidity.  Oh, and more taxes (theft).

Thanks to the Tax Foundation, we can compare states as far as how much they steal in income taxes from an average resident (or “employee”) of their state.  It is surprising just how much gets stolen each year.

Makes you appreciate just how big (and successful) a criminal enterprise can be today.  Interesting, DC (yes, not a state, I know) is the top of the list:  from one pocket to the other pocket, much of the time, directly and indirectly.  And when you consider how many people in DC are OFFICIALLY on the dole, it just means that those who DO pay the DC income tax-theft are really getting hit hard.  I know, morally, when you sell goods or services to someone, the source of their income really isn’t relevant, but I can’t help but assume that most private business done in DC is able (or forced) to trace the ultimate source of their income as being money stolen by the FedGov.  Hard to be as sympathetic to them for these insanely high income taxes-theft.

Of course, the government isn’t the only organized criminal gang stealing from us.

We have this, and okay, this is a bizarre incident50-year-old Jeffery Wooten entered the Waffle House diner in Norcross, Georgia, Thursday night and forced people toward a back room. He then grabbed the cash register. He dropped the pitchfork while carrying that cash register back to his truck. Two restaurant workers followed the robber outside, grabbed the abandoned pitchfork and used it to smash a window on the robber’s truck as he escaped, possibly injuring the suspect. Wow.  I didn’t think you had enough room to swing a pitchfork in your typical Waffle House, and for sure if someone had been armed (staff or customers), this guy would have turned and run without actually doing the robbery.

Transgenders in the U.S. Military: ‘I’m open to that,’ Hagel says.  Once more, we see that the political leadership (civilian) in the Pentagon has decided that political correctness trumps effectiveness, and makes me wonder if there really is anything to worry about the nation being terrorized by military forces.  Transgendered people who undergo surgery have several usually severe physical problems, because their bodies aren’t working right (by definition).  Also by definition (a “man” in a woman’s body or vice versa), they have significant mental problems as well.  Of COURSE we want to give them weapons and expect them to use them wisely.  Yes, I realize that it doesn’t require much physical conditioning to push a button launching a cruise missile or even to operate a UAV remotely, but again – do we want people with severe mental and emotional problems (by definition) to have these tools of destruction easy to use and close to hand?  This seems to be another way of gutting the forces, not just making them political testbeds for the future society.

Congress in action?  Boehner says that the Fuehrer’s Administration was ‘Not going to be honest with us.’ Really? Not GOING to be honest?  When HAS the Fuehrer and his scummy minions ever been honest with Congress or anyone else, at home or abroad?  For example, consider what the consort has to say.

Hypocritically, Michelle Obama says that in the  Nigerian girls, ‘Barack and I see our own daughters’.  Sure she does, just as she sees all these other things that make for good sound bites and let the mainstream media suck up to her and the Fuehrer.  The entire business with the Twitter and all that seems contrived and hokey.  “The White House” – the world’s most expensive and longest running reality show.

I don’t touch much on the Middle East these days, but this is too good to let pass: Iran says it ‘will not accept nuclear apartheid.’ “Apartheid” is like “racism” or “Nazi” or “Fascist” these days: a word everyone seems to sling around (especially liberals or Tranzis) but refuse  to pay attention to as regards definition or application.  What few sanctions and actions (not threats) that Iran or Persia have been forced to put up with because of their nuclear program in no way can be defined as “apartheid” any more than you are being treated in a racist manner by being told to put a shirt on or leave the store, even if your skin color is dark.  It isn’t even segregation, or religious bigotry.  But apparently, Tehran is hoping to get more Tranzis to listen to their whinging and let them play with the big toys.

Let me end with a whole raft of stupid, corrupt, abusive cop stories:

How stupid can they get? In a suburb north of Denver, a woman fires her gun outside and everyone within five miles panics, arrests her, and locks out two huge schools.

This is how stupid: Cops in Florida try to arrest a man for attempted murder, and gun down his neighbor in cold blood after invading his home past midnight (and not bothering to identify themselves as cops) and THEN it turns out they were looking for a man when there had been NO CRIME COMMITTED.

And in Tennessee, two different sheriffs approach terrorism-by-cop differently, and guess which one gets booted out in the primary election!  Yes, the cop who canned a deputy who abused a person by choking him, gets reelected: the one who tried to defend another abusive and corrupt deputy loses big time.  Tennesseans can sometimes do it right!

Of course, NYPD cops usually are found on any list of stupid and abusive cops, and this week is NO different.  Cops who kept their promise and started beating up on a driver, reaching into his car to steal his phone (with camera) claimed that they were engaged in a desperate struggle for their lives with the guy, but his family found a nearby surveillance camera which showed the cops were lying.  The cops had caught him filming a traffic stop a few weeks ago and threatened to beat him up if they found him doing it again.  He did, and they did.  Of course, this being NYPD, he will be lucky to live more than a few months.

After all these stupid cop tricks, I end this part with some GOOD news:  Minnesota has apparently actually outlawed civil forfeiture, where the cops can steal anything that they think can be associated with a crime you have committed (or may have committed) even if YOU are acquitted of the crime.  We’ll see if this really ends this evil practice, and how many states will follow Minnesota’s lead.

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