Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-19B: Lies and more lies

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and welcome back to winter, for many of us.  Cold, clammy, foggy and snow sticking to roads, vehicles, decks and trees, makes me grateful that I can still afford heat for my house, provided I don’t keep it too warm.

Of course, much of the country is experiencing tornadoes and other really nasty weather: higher than average winds and a bit of snow and rain don’t add up to much compared to that. Haven’t checked solar activity recently, but I could argue (tongue in cheek, at least) that this is global cooling, just like predicted back in the 1970s – just 14 or 20 years late.  (By the way, the Rockies and now the Central Plains got hit yesterday and today with a nasty late-spring storm; I’m watching the high winds blow past right now, here in the Hills).

But no, our Fuehrer (Dear Leader?) and his minions and HIS puppetmasters say that WE (that is, humans) are all to blame for this weather, which is the fault of our manmade global climate disruption, according to those who worship Mother Gaia and Humanity.  Funny, I recall other years like this, and heard stories of more.  I recall days in June driving through slush on the roads in the Black Hills, with the grass and flowers and pines under several inches of snow at sunrise.  Twenty years ago.

But the facts don’t matter, science (REAL experimental science, not evolution and historical geology and political) doesn’t matter, because our “leaders” PREFER to lie.  Why tell the truth at all?  (It just develops a bad habit, to them.)  Oh, it has happened since the days of Enoch and Nimrod, but it does seem to be a wee bit worse (or more obvious) these days.  I take courage and comfort from some old words: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

So here is a look at some lies – big lies and little lies. And not all from the government: too many from people who love government, or at least love what it can help them do to others.

The Fuehrer’s wonderful “we are all gonna die from climate disruption” report was panned and slammed by a whole bunch of scientists as bogus “pseudoscience,” and nothing more than a sales pitch to keep the money flowing.  Or to put it simply, they are lying again.

Lies are standard with the Department of Justice.  As an example, Claire Wolfe has an article with JPFO this week on “Operation Choke Point,” now more than a year old, which is the government’s effort to cut off financial services for all kinds of operations, evil in the eyes of the FedGov, and how it is metastasizing into another vicious tool of tyranny for those who cannot tolerate people doing something that is not to their liking.  Well worth reading and sharing.  These are not “unintended consequences” of an otherwise “good” program in the war on crime: these are intended to control more and more people for more and more excuses.

A similar example is found in Fort Collins, Colorado, where a woman had her gun taken by the cops for “all the right reasons” and which (according to the cops) cannot be returned to her without a federal background check – which she undoubtedly would pass – but which the cops cannot (or will not) do for all sorts of bureaucratic reasons.  As a result, she is not able to work.  The pusillanimous behavior of the Fort Collins Police does not surprise me: for decades, they have been well-known for treating victims of crime as worse than the criminals in many ways, mostly because they simply do not care: their sole reason for existence is to get paid by the city fathers and get a pension, at least based on their behavior. In this case, the lying seems to be on the part of the police force, as the way the law is written, and being challenged in court,  does not seem to apply to some agency simply returning a person’s property.  There is no “transfer” involved.  And given the location of Fort Collins, they could arrange between the Larimer County Sheriff (in Colorado) to transfer to the Laramie County Sheriff (in Cheyenne, about 50 miles) to give the woman back her gun.

In Ukraine, on Sunday, it seems that a clear and large majority of people in their eastern territories do NOT want to be part of Ukraine: having your language outlawed and having a foreign power assist a revanchist group to overthrow your elected government might be a considerable contributing factor in that.  Of course (and here we come to the lies), both the FedGov and the EU consider the election to be “illegal,” which contradicts their vaunted claim to “democracy.”  The people have spoken, that is democracy, so how can it be “illegal” in any way?  The Donetsk or Donbass region is NOT immediately voting to join Russia as the Crimea did, but that is certainly to be considered.

On to other items:

“Oh, gee, I’m so sorry.”  That excuse doesn’t cut it, family members or not:  a woman tried to keep her pregnancy from getting recognized by all the bots on-line, as an experiment to avoid the ads and all the other junk that “mysteriously” shows up.  She failed, but we can all learn from the lessons she learned.  What you post on-line, without great care and attention on your part, is public knowledge, good, bad, nude, clothed, you name it.

The Washington Post argued for Shariah restrictions on free speech in a wildly dishonest, silly and illogical Religion News Service article that ran in Wednesday’s religion section, headlined “Internet hate speech can lead to acts of violence.”

Can anyone be this stupid?  $20 billion to replace presidential helicopter fleet.  What on earth are they thinking?

I didn’t include this in last week’s news but thought I’d throw it in.  According to the Daily Mail (usually reliable) either the US has some new weapons being used in Afghanistan OR new allies in the fight against the Taliban, allies from outside the Solar System perhaps.  Gee, do you suppose the Fuehrer got George W to create a new “coalition of the willing” and enlisted this new help?

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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