Planning for chaos

Today, these Fifty States is in the midst of a civil war: a cultural conflict growing more vicious by the day. Politics, though only a part of it, is nevertheless a critical front. The 2020 election may be the most divisive since 1968, and by some accounts, since 1860.

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A publication (which I strongly dislike referencing) recently published an article: “The Left Prepares for Violence After Election Day,” While they are just one among many sources that are predicting such violence (both before and after election day), the gist is very similar. Among the items discussed in that article is the report of the “Transition Integrity Project.”

All of these Extreme Democrat discussions are based on some pretty incredible assumptions. Assumptions which reveal the biases, misconceptions, political principles, and fear of those writing and participating in these things. Among them:

  • It would be impossible for Trump to clearly win – as they define win (national popular vote and clear Electoral College vote)
  • Trump would use any excuse and “extraordinary means” to hold onto power
  • Trumpistas would (or at least a very large minority of them) resort to violence, not just in case of a contested result but to “prevent open, fair elections”
  • To put it another way, the violence that the “left” is claiming to prepare for is violence by the right, and center – Trump supporters and anyone that does not agree with the Extreme Democrat agenda
  • Opponents of Trump are automatically supporters of Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, and Black Lives Matter, and AntiFa
  • Opponents of Trump are peaceful and supporters of the rule of law and can be forgiven anything they do out of fear of Trump or an excess of enthusiasm
  • The universe (they can’t say “god”) and probability will work in favor of those who are against Trump and his evils including racism, police brutality, disrespect of women and minorities – they will resist infection and other bad things

In addition, there are some very odd assumptions, given the clear condemnation of Trump and a Republican-controlled (or managed) federal government (and State governments) so common in their rhetoric:

  • That bureaucrats at all levels will take action against Trump and his supporters
  • That the military will back opponents of Trump and take action against Trump and his supporters
  • That all foreign interference in the election is favoring Trump
  • That all Trump supporters are radicalized, white supremacists, and eager to use violence (or stupid people duped into letting themselves be enslaved by Trump and his kind)
  • That the US Constitution is wrong, evil, outdated and must be replaced
  • That the general American public will support their actions against Trump and his followers and the US Constitution
  • That much of the general American public are stupid, deluded, and can be easily cozened into selling their heritage and liberty for a cheap meal or two and a lot of promises.

These assumptions may or may not ALL be what these people really believe – and instead may be what they want their supporters, their opponents and the public to believe.

Consider this from the above article: “Biden ‘encouraged Western states, particularly California but also Oregon and Washington, and collectively known as ‘Cascadia,’ to secede from the Union’ unless structural reforms were made. In exchange for Trump getting the presidency, for instance, Republicans would need to agree to abolish the Electoral College, give Puerto Rico and D.C. statehood, and divide California into five states for better Senate representation. 

Whether Biden himself actually said that is really a moot point – there are his backers (and possibly his puppet masters?) who have said or supported that and more. Schumer, Pelosi, and Biden have all said EVERYTHING is on the table. Trump’s determination to appoint a SCOTUS replacement for Ginsberg has made them double down. Their behavior has zoomed past ludicrous to (to quote/parody Elon Musk and Spaceballs) “plaid.”

They want chaos. It seems that virtually anything that they can do to reduce not just the Fifty States but the world to chaos is going to be done. It is more than just “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” more than just the lust for power and the destruction of American society – but of civilization itself. As long as they come out ahead.

Perhaps it comes down to what (or who) these extremists define as human. They are human – but anyone who opposes them is not. Nor is anyone that they can use in some way to further their objectives. For example, unborn children. They aren’t “human,” just blobs of flesh. But are not their opponents – and even those who resist their power – also less than human?

It is actually an attitude that goes way, way back in human history: the “others” are not really truly human. “WE,” the power-hungry, the greedy, the tyrants-in-waiting, say, “are the real people. Our family, our clan, our tribe, our class, our nation – everyone else is NOT real.”

It is not an attitude restricted to the political opportunists of 2020 – the Extreme Democrats who call themselves progressives and are called liberals and left-wing and the like. Anyone who bullied another student for their lunch money, shoplifted, vandalized someone’s property, or claimed special privileges because they are a minority, is (or was) part of this crowd. Immature, tribal, or just plain spoiled?

Humans who treat other humans as real people – regardless of background or behavior – are the people who prevent and repair chaos. And the kind of people we need in 2020.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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