A Baker’s Dozen ™ Reasons to get your children out of there!

By Nathan Barton

It’s no secret that this website and its writers are opposed to public schools – which we unkindly refer to as “government-run, tax-funded” schools – or even more bluntly, “government-ruined, theft-funded schools.”

The alternative?  Home schooling.  It is a rational decision by good parents to get their children out of institutions that, despite all their claims, mostly abuse children and demean them in various ways.

For years, we’ve encouraged parents to get their children out of these institutions.  Let us look quickly at 13 reasons to do so.

  1. GRTF school staff and faculty teach values to children that should be taught by parents: these include sex, morality, faith, and spirituality. Yet “public schools” claim that religion and its values have no place in them.
  2. GRTF schools teach children values about government and authority and submission to authority.
  3. GRTF schools teach children values about politics and society, to make them suitable subjects of authoritarian, top-down government control.
  4. GRTF schools teach children history, evolution, science, mathematics, and language, while rejecting rational and traditional values, logic, and real science.
  5. GRTF schools teach children about health and health care, including such things as contraception, abortion, sexuality and gender, and vaccinations, ignoring science and facts, replaced with feelings and emotions.
  6. GRTF schools teach children values about society, such as diversity, racism, and cooperation, while elevating “self-esteem” to godhood.
  7. GRTF schools teach children that parents are outmoded, slow, and stupid, and must therefore be replaced by “trained and experienced” teachers and “child-care providers.”
  8. GRTF schools teach children to depend on – even worship – the government, replacing any and all gods with the god of the state.
  9. GRTF schools suppress the creativity, spontaneity, and curiosity of children, forcing them to fit molds created by the educrats and other figures of authority.
  10. GRTF schools deny children independence of thought and action, instead making them conform in every minute detail of daily life.
  11. GRTF schools teach children to worship the earth and its elements, reducing humanity to just another part of nature – or to the destroyer of nature.
  12. GRTF schools teach children to surrender authority over themselves to others, especially to the teachers and staff, and to government officials.
  13. GRTF schools fail to provide an adequate education on how to make a living, driving very large percentages of those children placed in their care out into the world without the necessary skills to survive (except as parasites on others).

Jon Rappoport, in a recent blog posting makes many of these points.  He correctly notes that the establishment considers a single family homeschooling is more of a threat to society than the many dropouts which the GRTF system produces. At the same time, he points out a very great problem:  more and more parents are incapable of home-schooling their children because they are the products of the very GRTF schools – and are therefore incapable of teaching their own children.  They have neither the skills nor the knowledge.

Notice that I do not list private schools as a rational and reasonable alternative.  This is for a very simple reason: most private schools today, even those religiously based, are nothing more than imitations of the GRTF schools with a little seasoning of “better” and a little less poison stirred into the pot. They are, at best, “public-school lite.”  Charter schools are even worse.

There are, of course, many more reasons to get your children out of these places.  Share a few with us!

Mama’s Note: Also keep in mind that many of those parents who are willing and able to homeschool must work two or more jobs to pay the taxes and survive the inflation in order to maintain their lives and provide for those children otherwise… so there is nobody home to school the children. They are paying the taxes for these evil “schools,” and many have been duped into believing that the schools their children attend are pretty good, even if they understand that most are not.

And, of course, the “law” in a great many places makes it very difficult for parents to form unofficial groups and find reasonable alternatives. The non-voluntary government does not want to lose any control over these children or their parents, and the amazing thing is that so many people are still able to do just that if they work at it hard enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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