Your Brother’s Keeper

By MamaLiberty

Just a few things I’ve been thinking about.

Theft is the act of taking what does not belong to you. Is theft ever justified?

Consent and mutually agreed contracts are required for peaceful, voluntary association. Coercion, initiation of force and theft never promote peace or prosperity. Can theft and aggression be justified?

Why do  you suppose that so many people accept, even facilitate the coercion, force and theft used against others, even if they object strenuously to having the same used against themselves? What is it about “voting” that gives anyone authority over the lives and property of others?

Why does nearly everyone seem to think that the choices and beliefs of others are somehow everyone’s business? Why do so many people seem to think they have every right and authority to determine what others think, say and do, but honest self defense against aggression is so often prohibited or penalized when actual harm threatens them or others.

Why can’t people in general, and the do-gooders in particular, simply mind their own damned business? Your brother’s keeper. Or slaveholder, jailer?

Just wondering…


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6 Responses to Your Brother’s Keeper

  1. kirk says:

    theft and aggression can only be ‘justified’ by those suffering the delusions produced by what is labeled ‘the tyranny of conscience’. these deluded individuals KNOW what is right and will ACT to SAVE the rest of us who do not suffer from the same delusions. this is so even if they are acting to ‘save us from ourselves’.

    theft is never acceptable and aggressive action is only acceptable in self defense.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      The delusion is what I call false altruism. One of the most truly selfish things to indulge in, but most don’t seem to understand how poisonous it is. Aggression is the willful, deliberate action to harm another person – and I think it is important to understand that fact. Violence is usually necessary to defend oneself, and that is not the same as aggression. Too many people confuse them, and then refuse or are reluctant to defend themselves because they are NOT aggressors.


  2. Darkwing says:

    Theft and aggression can NEVER be justified. According to that great work of fiction, the bible, a man asked G-D “I’m I my brother’s keeper” and G-D did not answer. I have always wonder WHY there was no answer. If someone is in danger and I can help them, I will. BUT for the most part the people are on their own because they do not care about me. Sad part, MAMA, most people are sheeple


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Helping others can get very dicey. Did you ever read the short story of the time I offered help to a woman being beaten by a man… and she snarled at me to mind my own business? Offering help to others when armed can be especially dangerous. It is too easy to make the situation worse unless we understand what is actually happening!

      It is always good to offer, if that seems right to you at the time. All too often, people presume to know what the other person needs, and all too often the ultimate motive for that “help” is false altruism or outright desire to control the other person.

      I’d be interested in learning what you mean by “sheeple.” Sheep are useful animals that just happen to be incredibly stupid and helpless. I think using that term for irresponsible and willfully helpless people is a serious insult to sheep… 🙂


      • Unclezip says:

        “Sheep are useful animals that just happen to be incredibly stupid and helpless.”. Useful idiots?

        As per the question: why do some people have a problem with the rest of us wanting to be left the hell alone? That goes back a long ways, and I’m not sure the question will ever be answered to anyone’s satisfaction. Until then, unless forced by circumstance, I tend avoid those kind.

        Three or so decades ago, I spent a legislative season watching this state’s legislature do its thing. I had the time, since I was unemployed due to the love shown to my industry by this august body (read: spotted owl). The biggest lesson I took from the experience was these types are totally convinced that we, the people, cannot function at any level without their regulatory oversight. I remember that lesson every time I v*te.


      • MamaLiberty says:

        One problem is that far, far too many people don’t even think about it that way – and allow the “rulers” to control their lives believing that the “legislature,” cops and so forth actually have legitimate authority to do so. That’s the cancer that has pervaded our society for a very long time, ever growing. There are a few signs that some people question that authority now, but all too often the bottom line appears to be that THEY want to take over, to assume that authority instead of understanding that individual liberty, live and let live, would bring peace and prosperity to everyone. The very few, like you and me, who simply want to be left alone… Don’t know how to get people to understand and accept that generally.

        Oh, and why would you “vote?” None of those on the ballot have any interest whatsoever in leaving you or me alone. Their only real goal is to control you and your property. They can do nothing but harm in the long run.


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