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The Free Cheese

By MamaLiberty First light, 5:58 AM, Mountain Standard Time in Newcastle, Wyoming. The sky is clear to the East, and the temperature is a balmy 22 degrees. The usual early February warming spell so frustrating to gardeners and others who … Continue reading

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On the Road to Find Out

By Bradley Harrington Yes the answer lies within / So why not take a look now / Kick out the Devil’s sin / And pick up, pick up a good book now” — Cat Stevens, “On the Road to Find … Continue reading

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The World From My Window

By MamaLiberty First light at 6:11 Mountain Standard Time, January 28, 20017. The light was a thin line over the mountain, under dark clouds. As I watched, the blue glow from the snow all around grew lighter, and individual features … Continue reading

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“Democracy” – Mob Rule

By MamaLiberty So many lies, wrongs and evil. “Democracy” – how to spread and reinforce all of them.

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Have a Little Freedom with Your Religion

This essay is from the Christmas 1997 issue of the Loompanics Unlimited catalog. As someone who values things of the spirit–but who got stuck with skepticism when religions were being handed out–I say hooray for Freedonianism! –Claire Wolfe Have a … Continue reading

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Decorum and the “Armed Society…” thesis

By MamaLiberty “The presence of guns is not the cause of a “polite society”. It is an emblem of one. It says, especially if carried openly, “I am ready and willing to live as a free man or woman, accept … Continue reading

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Which Would You Choose?

By MamaLiberty I was thinking about this “election” deal a little yesterday, and when I went to sleep last night I had a horrifying dream: There were teams of heavy horses, each one hitched to a pulling rig. Some were … Continue reading

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