Still Not My Problem

By MamaLiberty

[Republished from July, 2014]

Not my problem. I’m sure a lot of people would consider that a harsh thing to say, but if you’ll stay with me a bit you should easily see that it is the only real answer to the whole “politically correct” thing sweeping this country and, incidentally, the world.

“You made me mad. You didn’t make me happy. I’m offended.” You can probably add a hundred more such phrases people use to control what you do, say and even what you believe. That’s exactly what happens when a few people can choose any word or object, assign a specific (often NEW and ugly) meaning to it, and then demand that nobody use that word or object because it “makes them feel”… whatever.

Let’s look first at the premise that someone can actually “make” another person FEEL anything. How does that work, exactly? Vulcan mind meld? Is it not a fact that each person simply REACTS to outside stimulus, and the perception of sad, mad, happy, etc. is actually their own response? That response can most certainly be painful, even harmful psychologically in  vulnerable people, but the person who supplies the stimulus is not, therefore, actually responsible for the feelings because he/she has no control over what another person perceives or what their response will be. The person with the feelings is actually the responsible person and, to a great extent, chooses the response based on their own beliefs and preferences. History is replete with every kind of race, tribe and ethnic conflict, but none of it can shift true responsibility from the person with the feelings to someone else.

A great many people have lost sight of that fact, and the new privileged classes have managed to politicize their hurt feelings into actual laws, criminalizing the words and actions their feelings and perceptions find objectionable. Criminalization of ordinary words and inanimate objects does not seem like a good path toward a polite and peaceful society. Recent history seems to support the more rational conclusion that attempting to force people to do and say things results in escalating resentment and even hatreds.

But of course, the shoe does not fit at all on the other foot. I think it is clear to most people how many screeds and threats come from the mouths and pens of certain “protected” persons (and those who shill for them) against anyone they perceive as not obeying their demands. Somehow, it is impossible for them to be “racist” or “hateful,” and their written and spoken threats are never seen as damaging to those they say should be caged, murdered or worse.

For some reason, the privileged one believes he/she should be able to dictate how others speak or act, yet totally rejects any limitations on their own behavior. How does that work? If mere words are seriously harmful, why doesn’t that work both ways?

I never have, and never would, deliberately say or do anything intended to harm, insult, demean or harass any other person, always seeking to be courteous and non-threatening. I simply don’t ever intend to have someone else define that for me… especially with threats and violence under color of law. I absolutely refuse to accept any false guilt for speaking my mind, especially when that false guilt is predicated on things my long dead ancestors did, or might have done.

Seems to me that responsibility for “feelings” has to be handed back to the people who actually own it.

So, on the rare occasion when someone tells me that the sight of the gun on my hip “offends” them, or makes them “uncomfortable,” my reply – in the softest, kindest tone I can manage is: “That’s not my problem. I am not responsible for how you feel. ”

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6 Responses to Still Not My Problem

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  2. Darkwing says:

    Well written and well put. But the sheeple will not listen, most of all the elected ones.


  3. Roger D says:

    Very well written Mama Liberty.

    Live and let live. I just want to be left alone. Unsolicited criticism is NOT welcome (I’m retired now. Been there, bared that.). Once in awhile someone feels compelled to ‘enlighten’ me. I have a simple one-size-fits-all response. ‘I’m sorry, there is some confusion here. You have confused with someone who gives a rat’s ass what you think.’


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Yeah, I’ve been tempted to answer somewhat like that, but don’t because it is not productive, especially with people who live and work where you do. I like to at least attempt to get people to think about it. Not that it is always effective, just that it is always worth trying. But trust me, the “not my problem” answer is quite provocative at times. 🙂


  4. kirk says:

    ‘responsibility’ is a word that is in the process of being extracted from our language for the ‘protected classes’, while applied in spades to others, in a country where ‘all are equal’. it is obvious some are ‘more equal than others’.

    we are all responsible for ourselves, despite what those ‘more equal than others’ say, want and do.


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