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Anarchy, tyranny, and liberty

Too many of us get confused on the basics of life, the universe, and everything. Especially these three concepts. Let’s dive in. Many of us find ourselves defining key concepts in a lot of different ways. All three of these … Continue reading

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Ideas for liberty – the Jim Bell System revisited

A few weeks back, someone suggested in a comment that it might be time to set up the “Jim Bell System.” This idea, also known as a type of “Assassination Politics” was invented back in 1995 by an anarchocapitalist (or … Continue reading

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Is this crazy or am I?

By Nathan Barton Not sure who Logan Marie Glitterbomb is (I suspect an alias), but this idea is nuts. I’ve been involved with the libertarian movement since the formal organization of the Libertarian Party in 1973, and knew people who … Continue reading

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What Anarchism Means To Me

By Cat, the Brunette Anarchism is my declaration of peace with you. It is a repudiation of the use of coercive power to achieve my own ends, or to abet the domination of any man by his fellows, or over … Continue reading

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