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Can we do without government?

By Nathan Barton Modern advertising, as we know it today, did not exist until sometime in the 1700s, well after the invention of printing.  Today, in print and electronic media, it is pervasive – and invasive.  We cannot do anything … Continue reading

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Is this crazy or am I?

By Nathan Barton Not sure who Logan Marie Glitterbomb is (I suspect an alias), but this idea is nuts. I’ve been involved with the libertarian movement since the formal organization of the Libertarian Party in 1973, and knew people who … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 12 August 2015, #15-32D: Hypocrites and Guns

by Nathan Barton Today’s theme seems to be hypocrisy, especially as dealing with guns and self-defense. Hollywood, Congress, the presidential candidates: all great examples of hypocrites. And we can’t forget organized religion either. It is all about them. Egotism? Apparently … Continue reading

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Please read this article: Why Liberty Dies

By Nathan Barton Although I do not think that the author stated everything accurately, and is still too much a proponent of coercive government (as contrasted to self-government and voluntary association), this article is very much worth reading and sharing … Continue reading

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INDIANS – Setting the Record Straight (A response to Jim Davies at STR)

I recently wrote a lengthy four-part article (#1, #2, #3, #4) on Russell Means’ proposal for a “Republic of Lakotah” and Steven Lendman’s take on it; during that time, I and many others were saddened that Russell succumbed to cancer … Continue reading

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