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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 12 August 2015, #15-32D: Hypocrites and Guns

by Nathan Barton Today’s theme seems to be hypocrisy, especially as dealing with guns and self-defense. Hollywood, Congress, the presidential candidates: all great examples of hypocrites. And we can’t forget organized religion either. It is all about them. Egotism? Apparently … Continue reading

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Please read this article: Why Liberty Dies

By Nathan Barton Although I do not think that the author stated everything accurately, and is still too much a proponent of coercive government (as contrasted to self-government and voluntary association), this article is very much worth reading and sharing … Continue reading

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INDIANS – Setting the Record Straight (A response to Jim Davies at STR)

I recently wrote a lengthy four-part article (#1, #2, #3, #4) on Russell Means’ proposal for a “Republic of Lakotah” and Steven Lendman’s take on it; during that time, I and many others were saddened that Russell succumbed to cancer … Continue reading

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