Please read this article: Why Liberty Dies

By Nathan Barton

Although I do not think that the author stated everything accurately, and is still too much a proponent of coercive government (as contrasted to self-government and voluntary association), this article is very much worth reading and sharing with those who are still thinking that these Fifty States are free nations.  And even those who believe that minarchy (minimal coercive government) is possible.

by Dr. Robert Owens, from Freedom Outpost
published 18 MAY 2014.

The conclusion is that Liberty is almost completely dead.  Yes, there are a few places where we still have a little bit of liberty but perhaps that is more like hair and nails growing on a corpse.  The counter-revolution against American liberty is all but won by the enemies of liberty: and they think that they HAVE won.

Mama’s Note: Not too bad, overall, but the glaring piece missing is any indication of where non-voluntary government obtains authority to act. It is hinted at, near the end, but not spelled out. A great many, if not most, of the people of the world do, more or less, consent to the government that rules them. The lie is, however, that the “majority” can give that consent for everyone.

As for the “rule of law” argument, I urge you to read a far different screed called, “The Myth of The Rule of Law.”

But a basic understanding of how human beings work and a rational analysis of how the state functions as an institution, including so-called republics, renders this theory of government as a rather blatant absurdity. How can a law be self-enforcing? By definition, a governmental law is drafted by men and must be enforced by men. No political system can escape the rule of men, for all political systems are created and run by men. At the same time, no political system is the result of the decisions of everyone within a society, for at a fundamental level all political systems are oligarchies in which a small percentage of the overall population are those with direct control over the state apparatus, those who actually make and enforce the laws.

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2 Responses to Please read this article: Why Liberty Dies

  1. I’d beg to differ – the theory on the Rule Of Law is that while, yes indeed, laws are drafted by men those laws, and the process of enforcing them, should weigh equally on all. No special exceptions because of your job, race, creed, color, sex, buddiness with the dotgov types, or whatever.

    Clearly, though,that’s exactly what doesn’t happen as anyone who’s browsed the tax code or federal laws in general – for instance – could understand.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Not clear here with whom you differ. 🙂 Non-aggression is the only law I recognize, and enforcement of that is an individual matter of self and mutual defense. Man made “laws” could exist in addition, but only among people freely consenting to them. Those, therefore, would not generally need much enforcement. Otherwise, I am not in the least obligated to enforce the “laws” made by men, or their gods.


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