Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-20A: Government above the law

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  After a long weekend and frustrations with government agencies across four states, I am in fine fettle today.  The growing power and even more rapidly growing abusive nature of governments from the westernmost island of Hawai’i state clear to the North Woods of Maine was very obvious in the past few days, especially the way in which police forces and other agents of the state conspire to bully, maim, and kill even children as well as other innocents – and even if some that they maim and kill are guilty of some crime, the cops’ use of force is NOT in any way self-defense.  Yet we see it happening more and more.  Here are a few examples.

Mama’s Note: No victim, no crime. There is no justification at all for most “law enforcement” at all, and none for their growing appetite for maiming and killing anyone they get their hands on.

In Salem, Oregon, a 27-year-old veteran was shot and killed by cops, “execution” style according to one witness, after she was knocked down by two shots while fleeing after a traffic stop.  Another witness claims the first is lying about everything except that she was running from the police.  This is the second killing by Salem cops in two weeks, and there is no way to tell WHO to believe.  The point is, a relatively slight, unarmed woman running away does NOT require lethal force.  Cops claimed that they “found” a firearm in the car from which she was fleeing, and are trying to use that discovery (after she was dead) as justification for the cold-blooded killing.

In yet another gang crime, four Washington State (Pierce County) cops tased a man to death in a parking lot, his death perhaps hastened by one of them using a flashlight to beat on the mentally disturbed man after he was down, according to a dozen eye witnesses.  In my frustration, I see a suitable punishment for this crime is to have the same done to each of them, separately, in the same parking lot.  What IS it with these people?  What sort of bizarre groupthink infests their minds?

But never mind, we are arming and creating MORE cops to do this. Very recently, the US Department of Agriculture has published a request for proposal for supplying submachine guns.  The question is just WHY USDA needs or wants these.  Some elements of the US Forest Service are armed “rangers” but the only other USDA elements to be armed are the Inspector General’s people (which are supposed to investigate crime INTERNAL to USDA: that is, committed by USDA employees), so no one knows why, after almost a century, Forest Rangers need to have this sort of firepower.  But I suppose people better not try to “steal” firewood or rocks or camp illegally on National Forest Service lands, because now Smokey will have the firepower to deal out Judge-Dredd type “justice” on a regular basis with .40-cal 30-round mags.

Someone has put together a list of all the currently known Federal agencies which are armed.  All known, notice.  It will surprise most people, especially the duplication and those with very few sites or locations, which could easily be consolidated or even eliminated.  Come on, the “Library of Congress Police?”  These work and operate right next door to the “Supreme Court Police.”  And right across the street from the “Capitol Police.”  And a few blocks from the “Smithsonian and its Zoological Garden Police.”  And all the rest?  And more and more heavily armed: I can picture a tracked, armored LoC bookmobile right now, getting into a blue-on-blue fight with the Capitol Police the next time they have a frightened, panicked mom from Connecticut make a wrong turn and flee.

Theft by government, or just an excuse to not follow the law?  We know that Cops (like the ones in Hawai’i who are upset that they can only get blow jobs and hand-jobs and not full service from prostitutes that they are “investigating) don’t have to follow the law, but apparently that “Get out of Jail” card applies to ANY government employee at ANY level unless they tick off one of the political dynasties.  A Nevada dad who is a strong opponent of the Common Core curriculum “initiative” requested that he be given a copy of his four children’s official school records, now maintained in a central state database and apparently updated on a DAILY basis.  At first, they refused but he insisted, so the state agreed to do so after he paid a fee of more than $10,000 for the information.  He is filing a lawsuit to demand the information at a reasonable cost.  The outlandish fee is one thing, the fact that the State of Nevada has a centralized database of ALL students in government-ruined, theft-funded schools which is updated DAILY is the real evil revealed here:  this is pure police-state tactics.  I don’t think it is unreasonable to believe that the State of Nevada is KEEPING that database through college and on through life.

On to another example of school abuse. Although the school has backed down, based on an informant (“concerned citizen”), a school called the cops and had a student’s car broken into, and the student arrested and suspended for having a BB gun in his car.  But the real kicker is that the car in question was NOT on the school grounds but located several blocks away, OUTSIDE the gunfree zone.   The article uses the term “cowardocracy” and that fits.  But MORE to the point, it is clear that the government-run, theft-funded schools are part and parcel of the police state.

Still believe that democracy is a good thing and that we have “democracy” in the Fifty States?  Visit this WaPo (I know, WaPo of all places) article and see what a joke, what a mockery the system has become.  See the 10 worst gerrymandered Congressional Districts in the US, and WHY they are that way.

Of course, we COULD be worse: consider the Sudan with an evil religion, an evil law, an evil people, and see what hideous things happen.  A young married Sudanese woman with a 20-month-old child, expecting her second child, has been condemned to death because although she claims to be a christian and is married to a christian, because she was born in Sudan, she is legally a muslim and therefore was convicted both of apostasy (under Shari’a law, that is a capital offense) and illicit sex (since a muslim may not marry a non-muslim, her marriage was illegal).  Originally she was to be lashed to death, but the “merciful” judge changed the punishment to hanging.  And also ordered that the sentence be carried out AFTER she gives birth.  Her older child is in prison with her, and will be given with the newborn to a “good muslim” family to be raised as slaves, apparently.  The fate of her husband is unknown.  Apparently, some idiotic do-gooder here in the US started a petition at (the infamous Fuehrer-led petition site) and already has “enough signatures” (over 100,000) to “force” the Fuehrer’s minions to respond.  The people who promote and waste their time signing these petitions are as STUPID as those who claim that Islam is a peaceful religion and let the FedGov get away with supporting ANY muslim for ANYthing – except arming the normal people to defend themselves against a government and “judicial” system which offers human sacrifices to Allah in this manner.

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