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Channeling Karl Marx?

By Nathan Barton Last time I checked my calendar or my clock, this was February of 2019.  That means the next election here in the Fifty States for Massa (better known as POTUS), in November of 2020 is about 21 … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

By Nathan Barton We probably did it as children, and most of us know children or grandchildren who have done it.  “Are we there yet?”

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Socialism – some thoughts from a free-market view

By Nathan Barton The subject of just what constitutes socialism, and just what about socialism violates both personal liberty for secular people and personal liberty and loving God for followers of Christ Jesus, came up recently in a family discussion. … Continue reading

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The destruction of business by government

By Nathan Barton For decades, I have seen this happen, and it long precedes my lifetime.  Governments, constantly seeking more and more power (control) and (of course) money, are quick to take advantage of perceived lack of services in (and … Continue reading

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Another centenary remembrance

By Nathan Barton I failed to finish this article in time for MamaLiberty to post it on the 7th, which was the 100th Anniversary of the infamous “October Revolution.” (This was so-called because at the time, Russia still used the … Continue reading

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Individualism vs “Social Justice”

From MamaLiberty This might just be the definitive answer to individualism vs collectivism in a neat and well written article. I suspect it would be very helpful to people who try to explain their individualism, and/or libertarianism, to friends and … Continue reading

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Is Crime Increasing?

By MamaLiberty First, of course, we must sort out what we mean by “crime.” So many things have been criminalized the last few years that it is no wonder people are often confused. We need to define the premise for … Continue reading

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