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Socialism and liberty (Part 1)

We know that many Americans – even some friends and neighbors – love the idea of socialism. We know that others fear, hate, and oppose socialism. How does that fit in with the ideal of liberty? Of living free? But … Continue reading

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A proposal for an alternative to modern police forces

As the Lockdown Rebellion (against the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic) morphed into the Twenty-Dollar Revolt (the current madness triggered by the murder of George Floyd), a key meme emerged: Abolish the Police!!! (Expressed in many ways, of course.) Many libertarians immediately … Continue reading

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Socialism – some thoughts from a free-market view

By Nathan Barton The subject of just what constitutes socialism, and just what about socialism violates both personal liberty for secular people and personal liberty and loving God for followers of Christ Jesus, came up recently in a family discussion. … Continue reading

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What if? Part 3

By Nathan Barton In August, I had a two-part commentary featuring a “what-if” scenario for the near future, then talking about preparing for such things. With the election nearing its end (the casting of votes by the Electoral College on … Continue reading

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