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The evil that is “police power” in these States

In the last year, we have seen increasing calls – some perhaps strongly justified – for the abolition of police across the Fifty States. Some local jurisdictions have, at least in essence, done so, or make it their public policy … Continue reading

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A proposal for an alternative to modern police forces

As the Lockdown Rebellion (against the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic) morphed into the Twenty-Dollar Revolt (the current madness triggered by the murder of George Floyd), a key meme emerged: Abolish the Police!!! (Expressed in many ways, of course.) Many libertarians immediately … Continue reading

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Business as usual – for some thugs

The Seattle Police Department has some serious problems: although Washington State has fallen out of the headlines for COVID-19 illness and death, it is still a major problem. As with any large city, the crimes continue, and the homeless problem … Continue reading

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Personal Liberty and Security, a rant

Libertarian Commentary #16-08B by Nathan Barton While we understand (as too few do) that liberty is a greater good and priority than security, the two ARE connected. Overall, in the long term, security for individuals and families is ONLY possible … Continue reading

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