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A proposal for an alternative to modern police forces

As the Lockdown Rebellion (against the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic) morphed into the Twenty-Dollar Revolt (the current madness triggered by the murder of George Floyd), a key meme emerged: Abolish the Police!!! (Expressed in many ways, of course.) Many libertarians immediately … Continue reading

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Circling the drain

By Nathan Barton It is hard to see things deteriorate and decay.  bad enough to see the scrapes and scratches and dents on that old car that was your pride and joy a few years ago.  Even worse to open … Continue reading

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Is democracy a bad idea?

By Nathan Barton Too many people laud and honor the formerly United States of America and its Federal Government as being a “democracy.” This error goes back generations.  Those politically-minded may recall that the Founding Fathers pretty much despised the … Continue reading

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