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Dealing with abusive, corrupt police

Over at his website, Ari Armstrong of Colorado provides his six steps towards ending police abuses. Ari is a thoughtful guy, and a prolific writer and interviewer. He is libertarian (of, I believe, a minarchist persuasion). His steps are worth … Continue reading

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What’s your frustration level?

By Nathan Barton I guess I just naturally seem to hang around with a bunch of malcontents. People who are fed up with things as they are, concerned about how things are developing in the Fifty States, their own state, … Continue reading

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Der Fuehrer Trump?

By Nathan Barton A website, “Veterans Today” published a lead article last week: “1933: Trump Elected Chancellor” in which Gordon Duff openly states that Trump (or his backers/puppet-masters) are planning a false-flag attack to consolidate his power. The article also … Continue reading

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Hope: Medical improvements on the way

By Nathan Barton Whenever we hear of medical progress and improvements these days, we hear about new technology and new drugs or nutrients, at least 99.9% of the time: new tests, new sensors, new treatments, new antibiotics, new natural substances … Continue reading

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