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The watermelon gang

A number of prominent political commentators have recently spoken out about the dangers of Russian propaganda. In some cases, they’ve traced the Russian disinformation and propaganda pushed in the last three or four years back to the Soviet propaganda work … Continue reading

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Stupid government – phobias and bans

Stupidity to the point of insanity is increasingly a “occupational disease” of politicians – especially those elected to state legislatures.  Consider this. It is not a joke from the Onion or the Babylon Bee. It is Oregon House Bill 3305: … Continue reading

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“Earth Hour” starts tonight. Yawn.

The winner for Earth Hour every year since 2003  – North Korea. Odds favor them to be the winner again this year. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Earth Hour: A Dissent by Ross McKitrick “Earth Hour” starts tonight. Yawn. Every year at … Continue reading

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