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My Perfect Christmas

By MamaLiberty 1950 was a hard year. My father died and my mother was left with two small children. She was a “housewife” and had no particular marketable skills. She also didn’t have any family who could help her much. … Continue reading

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Welfare – the alternative

By Nathan Barton Today, it seems that more and more of government resources here in the Fifty States – federal, state, tribal, and local – go to providing welfare.  Although the statistics seem to say otherwise, the cost of helping … Continue reading

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The truth comes out?

By Nathan Barton So…  anyone reading this still think that the GOP is preferable to the Democratic Party?  Or that there is a dime’s difference between the two old parties? A friend shared this tidbit from the Tennessee Star. “The only … Continue reading

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Foreign aid – the wrong thing for the wrong reasons

By Nathan Barton The libertarian position on foreign aid is straightforward: Foreign aid is unconstitutional. Foreign aid is an illegitimate purpose of government. I am a firm believer in foreign aid.  I have donated to foreign aid projects many times: … Continue reading

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Oh my stars and garters!

By Nathan Barton Every once in a while, some startling revelation shows up on the television or computer screen. It happened again.  A major understanding of the laws of the universe has been revealed – and get this: by a … Continue reading

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Government and… (Examples of Why “Government is Bad”)

Nathan’s Rants: Living Free Government (and by that I mean mandated, nonvoluntary, “monopoly (or near-monopoly) of force” government), is bad for people. History demonstrates that government and its actions have violently killed and caused directly or indirectly more premature deaths … Continue reading

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Irrational actions and reactions

Libertarian Commentary #16-07B by Nathan A Barton Irrational actions: Grocery store chains (Krogers, Safeway/Albertsons, etc.) have long been some of the most ardent of supporters of the USDA’s welfare program for families (“food stamps,” now called SNAP. Will this change? … Continue reading

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