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Bitcoin – tool for liberty or just another tool for tyranny?

By Nathan Barton MIT just published a story about Communist China’s central bank testing a digital currency to use instead of (in competition with) Bitcoin and all the rest. “Speeches and research papers from officials at the People’s Bank of … Continue reading

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Disgusting habits

Libertarian Commentary #16-06B by Nathan Barton Americans have this disgusting habit of politicizing everything, especially commercials for food, and people and businesses who sell food. Remember the bakers who are being punished for not baking ‘same-sex wedding’ cakes and Chik-fil-A? … Continue reading

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Liberty and Money, Money and Liberty (A Rant)

by Nathan Barton Liberty Tree Quotes recently had some quotes relating to liberty and money. These in turn should make us think about what we say and do. First, we have this quote from Ayn Rand: “Until and unless you … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News: #14-51D: Money, money, money

By Nathan Barton Good morning! In my commentary on Texas, I discuss a plan whereby cops would be allowed to have stopped motorists pay their fines by credit card directly to the cop, to avoid going to court (or even … Continue reading

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Stupidity Epidemic: Fresh Outbreaks (was: Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-44F)

By Nathan Barton Today, for the weekend, we will look at how stupidity is epidemic in these Fifty States, while we worry about silly things like Ebola and B85 and flu epidemics and elections. In New Hampshire, it is now … Continue reading

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Your Groceries are Shrinking!

Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD and CATHERINE RAMPELL (New York Times) Chips are disappearing from bags, candy from boxes and vegetables from can. As an expected increase in the cost of raw materials looms for … Continue reading

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