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Government evils: Inflation

What a couple of years! Ouch. Even though prices are (slowly) dropping. Even the Rally in the Black Hills is showing signs of a drop in attendance and not just because it isn’t a zero- or five-year. Five-dollar Diesel and … Continue reading

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Our fragile communications and economy

Over at Agora Financial, a libertarian investment and publishing firm based in Baltimore, their editors and writers have been sounding alarms about the signs of the FedGov (and the EU and others) pushing a “cashless society.” One in which plastic … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-39C: Evil is as evil does

By Nathan Barton Good morning. On the road yesterday, so playing catch up today! A story I’ve wanted to address shows how evil and stupid government and those who trust in it are. Connecticut governor’s Sandy Hook panel recommends new … Continue reading

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