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Economic news – is it real?

This last week, the American stock market seems to have taken a beating. Especially the Dow, as Market Watch reports: Up-down-up-down – a thousand points: It was an especially bad week for at least ONE billionaire: Jeff Bezos’ fortune dropped … Continue reading

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Bad schools, bad banks, and bad media

Libertarian Commentary #16-12E, by Nathan Barton We all think of “institutions” as being at least essential, if not always good. Churches, schools, banks, the press, and so much else were taken for granted as GOOD things for centuries, but today … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 27 October 2015, #15-43B: Wars and Rumors of Wars

By Nathan Barton Everywhere we turn, there are wars or threats of war, or HOPES for war. Here are a few stories about war of various kinds, this week. Are we winning?  The war against guns?  Apparently, several liberal (“progressive”) … Continue reading

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The War of 1812 and the Ravages of War – Lessons NOT Learned

By Nathan Barton This year we note the 200th Anniversary of the Battles of Baltimore and Fort McHenry, and of Washington, all part of the British invasion of the States in the War of 1812. Although there were legitimate reasons … Continue reading

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