Libertarian Commentary on the News, 27 October 2015, #15-43B: Wars and Rumors of Wars

By Nathan Barton

Everywhere we turn, there are wars or threats of war, or HOPES for war. Here are a few stories about war of various kinds, this week.

Are we winning?  The war against guns?  Apparently, several liberal (“progressive”) analysts think so, as reported by Breitbart.  Indeed, despite claims by various Tranzis, the demographics of the Fifty States seem to be very much in favor of continuing to arm ourselves to the teeth, and we seem to be convincing liberals here and there that not only are guns essential to liberty, but they are pretty cool, too, and NOT for shooting up theatres or campuses.  Which, of course, convinces the demon-possessed hoplophobes to scream even louder about the evils of guns and ammo and all the rest,  while they seek more and more ways to steal our weapons out of the hands of our children, to ensure that THEIR bodyguards have more and more firepower themselves.

Well, what about the upcoming war against China? Stars & Stripes reports that the USS Lassen is steaming to the Spratly Islands to demonstrate against China’s claim to a 12-mile zone around the disputed islands, as the FedGov seeks to buck up its allies in the Philippines and Taiwan and elsewhere.  It could, with some fairly minor mistakes, lead to a shooting war, even while Chinese warships make a kissey-kissey visit to Florida.  You can only have so many lighted cigarettes and sparklers in a powderhouse before a spark goes to the wrong place… and BOOM.

More wars?  The Feebs, according to Freedom Outpost, are blaming ordinary citizens and our penchant to video or photograph everything, especially those poor boys and girls in blue (and increasingly in black) for increased crime.  Their logic comes right from the bottom of a gin bottle because we are always catching the cops doing something stupid and/or mean, they are now afraid to go aggressively after the REAL bad guys, so the bad guys can walk around and do all the bad stuff without fear of the fearful cops.  Got that?  Right!  Of course, the cops are soooo afraid of the big bad Johnny Q Public “civilians” (mundanes, some call us) that they use more and more opportunities to beat, taze, and shoot us if we don’t lick their boots fast enough.  And frankly, too many commentators and pundits who ought to know better are siding with the bad cops.

Mama’s Note: The solution, of course, is for people to prepare seriously to defend themselves and never call “the cops” – at least not until the emergency is over. Even then, it is increasingly dangerous to do so. Recording their savage and immoral deeds is not good enough.

Of course, one reason the cops are so fearful of mundanes is that more or more mundanes are toking up on demon weed, at least according to OSHA On-Line, a trade publication for occupational safety and health, which reports on government figures that more and more people are not just inhaling, but some of the inhaling is getting out of control and they are ADDICTED to killer weed.  (Never mind that according to the drug-warriors, ALL users of the nasty green stuff are instantly addicted, just before they go out and play jazz, hit on babes and babies, and run amok WITHOUT the excuse of Pon Farr.)  The data in the article is, of itself, enough to point out that they are hyping themselves up overly much, just as the “war on cops” drum-beaters and “most important election of our lifetime” people do.

How about the war on banks, or the war BY banks on us? Prison Planet and some other sources are making all kinds of happy about news as reported by Iceland Magazine that a whole bunch of Icelandic bankers actually got sentenced to prison, for their role in robbing various folks blind in 2008.  Well, I for one am NOT impressed: 26 got a total of 74 years: that is less than 3 years in the clinker on average.  Sounds like a good chance for a break, a vacation, even. And I can’t imagine ANY Scandinavian nation, even Iceland, having really nasty Joe Arpaio type jails with green baloney and pink underwear: these banksters might not get to go skiing or beachcombing, but I bet they can ice skate, sun themselves, and enjoy the latest soaps on TV and internet.  Somehow, I just don’t think this is going to deter them from doing it again: especially if they were careful with their investments with the stolen money.

Time for more wars: this time on food:  The World Health Organization says that eating red meat just as bad as smoking a cigarette.  Or so Raw Story reports. “International health experts are set to list processed meat among the most cancer-causing substances in the world, including arsenic and asbestos. The World Health Organization (WHO) will also be listing fresh red meat in the ‘encyclopedia of carcinogens,’ ranked as only slightly less dangerous than preserved products such as bacon, sausages, and burgers. The report is set to release Monday and will be a shock to the meat industry — everyone, from farmers to fast food chains, will be affected by the news. The WHO issued a warning about sugar over consumption last year, resulting in a fall in sugar sales, which could be an indicator of what’s to come for the meat industry. The ruling could lead to warning labels and altered dietary guidelines to signal the issue.” YES, that is right: three slices of bacon will put you in your grave within months, to listen to the hourly newsreaders.  Evil, evil, evil.  Especially in those third-world countries where who knows WHAT those evil beeves and porkies chomp on before being sacrificed on the altars to human gluttony!  Even chicken and eggs (evil cholesterol, remember) must avoid red meat: you can now buy (at an insane super-markp-up) VEGETARIAN eggs: eggs produced by chickens who are fed NO animal protein.  Of course, you have to choose between vegetarian and free-range, since even the most organic and politically-correct (if still hated by PETA) chicken rancher can’t keep those hens from munching down in the occasional worm or grasshopper.  Animal protein comes in so many different (and tasty, I’m told) forms!

Mama’s Note: As with all such things, the vegans and others are free to grow, raise and eat whatever they wish. They must not be allowed to dictate to anyone else, obviously. I have not eaten bacon or other processed meats in years, simply because the nitrates in them give me filthy headaches. Those who want to eat them do not need my permission, or even my approval.

But “vegetarian eggs?” Pardon me while I go clean off my keyboard…

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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