Libertarian Commentary on the News, 28 October 2015, #15-43C: The Big Lie Contest?

By Nathan Barton

Is there some national or worldwide contest to see who can tell the biggest lies?  If so, we have a lot of entries this week.  Here are just a few.

The bogus debate rages, with more bizarre claims (lies by another name) on both sides. Stars & Stripes reports that a “senior lecturer” and a female colonel in charge of totally integrating male-female troops in combat units are condemning the USMC “women in combat” study as flawed for various reasons, including “not establishing standards” and “not properly screening” women for physical condition.  Never mind that in combat, the standard is a simple one: pass-fail.  Either you accomplish the mission or you do not. It isn’t like combat is graded on a curve.  And we know that whatever physical standards are established, they will be waived in the “interests” of creating a mixed-sex, emasculated combat force that is successful judged only by the correct ratios and promotion rates, NOT how well they defend the Constitution and protect the life, liberty, and property of the free people they are supposed to serve.  But the opponents of this sexual mishmash refuse to state (and may not understand) the REAL reasons for keeping women out of combat except on a case-by-case, person-by-person basis, reasons stated by Heinlein and others decades ago; survival of the race, of the people, and key physiological and psychological differences between the sexes.  That is, after all, sexist!  So we destroy ourselves.

Mama’s Note: I’ve got a radical idea… how about not having ANY standing armies. And nobody has attempted an armed invasion of the American land mass in several hundred years, so there is no call for “combat” of any kind. So, it would be nice if all the men went home and established real jobs, families and communities along with the women. And no, the troops do NOT “protect the life, liberty and property” of anyone  – even though, just as with the police, that’s the lie they’ve been sold for so long.

The extremes (and lies) of the global-warming fanatics grows day by day: now, a supposed increase of ocean water temperature of 0.3C is touted as the reason for major plumes of methane along the Pacific Coast from Northern California to Vancouver Island, all the result of that evil called mankind.  Vice News via Digg tells about how the warming of the oceans, not even definitely proven is … amazing news… causing the oceans to warm up, thus “decomposing” (melting) methane hydrate and destroying fisheries and economies.  Anything at all to give them the opportunity to spout gobbledygook and stampede people into surrendering more and more liberty for the sake of dubious security from mythical threats.

Of course, politicians have an unfair advantage (due to centuries of experience) when it comes to big lies. WE STILL HAVE A FULL YEAR and more UNTIL THE ELECTION, but everyone is screaming about it. Personal Liberty tells the heartrending news that Trump may no longer be in the lead, and another misogynous, crude, hateful, Bible-thumping, turncoat to his race, totally unqualified man is now in the lead for the GOP nominee to the White House. Carson leads in three states, one by double digits, and nationwide by (gasp!) three whole percent of the 3 in 10 GOP “likely voters” in the primaries.  What stuff and nonsense!  Of course, what makes even LESS sense is that the GOP would hold a debate in the People’s Republic of Boulder, home of uberliberal Colorado University aka “Berkeley East,” and worse.  Having a supposedly conservative GOP stage its debate in Boulder is like having a laying-hen coffee-klatch in a fox den.  Of course, the GOP’s “conservatism” is not even skin-deep: it is lightly airbrushed on the dermis: they (like the Dems) are believers and practicioners of political power, backed by the ever-present and growing threat of force.  Oh, how I would LOVE to see a situation in which the primaries are held in September, the conventions in October, and the elections in November – IN THE SAME YEAR.  Of course, it would probably bankrupt the mainstream media, and THAT would be such a horrible, horrible thing.

Mama’s Note: Why not stage the whole shebang like a beauty pageant? At least the bathing suit portion would be entertaining. Two nights on nationwide TV ought to be sufficient. I don’t know why anyone would want to take them more seriously than that.

“Truthdig” clearly enjoys the 1984-ish irony of their name in yet another big-lie story, calling “Higher Education Capitalism at Its Most Despicable,” in the headline while the story reveals the true culprit: Big Government and the educrats in “public education.”  As far as I know, there is only ONE institution of higher education in the whole Fifty States that can make any claim at all to being “capitalist” (in a “non-profit” sort of way, at that), and that is Hillsdale College. Every OTHER college or university, public or private, accepts government grants and subsidies, directly and indirectly, and any partnerships they have with “Big Business” (whether it is “Big Ag” or “Big Pharma” or “Big Oil” or “Big Healthcare” is purely because of the advantages of cronyism with government.  The “Truthdig” article even cites the law which allowed this revolutionary change in how public education universities can cozy up even closer to government and Big Business, but fails to point out the obvious solution: separation of school and state, and ending support of “education” (at ALL levels) with money stolen from taxpayers. Everything in the article screams about corruption of government in education, and should lead to the logic that government is BAD for education.  But no, they have to lie about it.

Sometimes the lies just take over.  Consider Bloomberg’s report on the World Health Organization claiming that eating processed and red meats are as dangerous as smoking cigarettes (as far as causing cancer).  Indeed, if you want to believe all these “esteemed” scientists, it is less dangerous to play soccer on the freeway or light that cigarette in a powder magazine.  But then you look (on the elaborate Bloomberg web page) at what all WHO says is carcinogenic: virtually EVERYTHING.  About every element in the periodic table (except maybe hydrogen and oxygen, but they apparently can encourage cancer), most foods, drinks (coffee, alcohol, “hot” mate), many plants, VIRUSES, many occupations (the kind of work or the time when you work or other factors), and things that we humans have done and produced for thousands of years are carcinogens.  It just leads to the conclusion that people came to long ago: life is fatal.  Everyone who ever lives has or is going to die, with a couple or three exceptions.  But politics demands ever new demons to frighten us and the latest is that red meat and processes meat (three strips of bacon per day equal to a pack-a-day cigarette habit and daily bungee-jumping from bridges?) and we must all be protected from it, or we will get cancer (or some other hideous disease) and DIE.  Unless we surrender to government and let government regulate and steal (tax) these evil providers of vices (like food and drink) out of existence or at least into total submission to “our masters.”

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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