Libertarian Commentary on the News, 25 October 2015, #15-43A: Medical and other foolishness

by Nathan Barton

First we have this rather fatuous article from Australia, featured in PJ Media. Should Fevers Accompanying Infections Always Be Treated With Analgesics? It discusses what seems, from the brief discussion in the article, to be a very poor “experiment” on real-life people in very bad medical condition.

Mama’s Note: I have a good, simple partial answer. First, do no harm. Some really stupid stuff here… but sadly, more and more typical of much medical “research” these days. The question is stupid to start with. Analgesics are for treating pain, not fever. SOME analgesics also reduce fever. The real question should be something like: ‘when is fever detrimental to the patient, worse than the immune response required for healing… and then, what measures are truly helpful to reduce that dangerous fever without hampering the immune process unnecessarily. Clue…” there is no one size fits all answer to that question. It depends… and there are a good many better ways to control high temps than NSAIDs.

Nathan: I was always taught that a “low-grade” fever was not something to worry about: it was the body healing. But also that pain needed to be pretty painful to resort to anything. The reason for the bad research is obvious: bad science drives out good science, especially when government money is involved. All these “grant opportunities” coupled with the need to “publish or perish” just mean more and more foolish research gets funded – and the money wasted. The thesis topics get more and more silly, and the attitude (of government and politicians) towards real science and the scientific method is replaced by an American version of Lysenkoism.

This is coupled with direct government interference, which means that medical practice is less about patients and more about government regulations. Michelle Malkin, in a column at CNS News, tells us how doctors agree that the squatter’s electronic medical records mandate stinks.  She knows this comes as no surprise, but doesn’t point out the MAJOR reason. It is not just that we have a corrupt Chicago shyster in power, not just that Tranzis are running (and ruining) things, not just that there is no constitutional authority for such mandates, it is that GOVERNMENT RUINS THINGS.  EVERYTHING goes worse with government.  Medicine is not the only mess, and government is not the ONLY reason that medicine is in a mess, but everything else (like in the next story) would be better IF we didn’t ALSO have to deal with government making a mess.

Other people make messes, too. View this – you don’t need to understand what is being screamed because there are subtitles. Sent to me by Marsh, this is actually from a McDonald’s Drive-Thru video security camera. At 10:30 AM, at McDonalds, Chicken Nuggets are not available (they are a luncheon item only). Watch this woman’s reaction when she is told that they are NOT available to her at this time.

No Chicken McNuggets. Looks very much as if some kind of medical assistance might be useful, especially if the jackets have very long sleeves. Oh, and no word if the police ever showed up or did anything about the kaliesque demoness. Maybe because they are going after the REAL threats to public safety, like the next story tells about.

Assault with a small orange carrot is landing a 14-year-old girl in court after the school and the teacher she tossed it to in the hallway, pressed charges, according to  WTVR. Apparently, if the carrot was soft (cooked or rotted) it would NOT have been a “dangerous weapon.” Wonder what a spit wad is these days? Apparently, teachers go through the same fear-encouraging training that cops do, these days. People, get your children OUT of these places. Please!

Of course, it is because courts even accept that cases like the 14-year-old and her carrot that we can blame in part for the madness. Same thing in the UK, where The Blaze tells us that even the peers in the corrupted and nearly-worthless House of Lords have warned that Brit acceptance of Shari’a law does not just allow Muslims to marry multiple wives, but also to have amazing numbers of children (twenty each) from multiple “quickie” marriages, all on the Brit taxpayers’ pence. Apparently shari’a law includes a provision for “temporary” marriages which a Muslim cleric can establish: the “wife” can be married to the man for as little as twenty-four hours and the marriage ends automatically: no divorce necessary (according to various Islamic websites and the BBC). This is one of many things that Lady Cox presents as proof that Islam and Shari’a law is very much involved in the denigration of women, denial of rights for women, and a form of bondage that would not be tolerated in any other group. She wants a new law to prevent this.

As if a new law will work…

What happens if you pass a law and no one obeys it? Or at least, a fairly significant number of people refuse to? That is facing the thugs in Richmond, as TV station WDTN reported this week. Some Virginia drivers are refusing to surrender their flags: that is, the Southern Cross flags on their license plates, which the government decided were racist and politically incorrect and must be removed. Unfortunately, it is very easy for cops to see and take action against them: probably by just stealing the plates and then, not just ticketing them for failure to obey the mandatory turn-in, but also for illegally driving without a plate. One more state sees the rise of civil disobedience, though, which is a good sign: joining people in Connecticut and New York in disobeying the gun bans. But this is just one law of thousands that needs to be disobeyed, and I fear the people of the Dominion just don’t have the guts to do what is really needed.

Mama’s Note: Now this is something I just don’t understand. The “license plate” is a clear symbol of government control. I don’t know why anyone would be concerned about what was painted on it. It’s like insisting that a certain picture be imprinted on the bogus “warrant” used by gov goons to  confiscate your goods or march your children off to CPS “custody.”

The Southern cause would be honored far better if these folks handed in the “plates” and then put whatever flag stickers and so forth they want on their vehicles instead. Why do they think they are getting anywhere using the states own instrument of their bondage?

Nor, I suspect, do the politicians and people of the Four Corners, although the Durango Herald tells us that the “independent” report blames the EPA for the Gold King spill into the Animas River a couple of months ago, damaging tens of thousands of people’s homes, farms, ranches, and businesses. Indeed, it is likely that this will give the EPA MORE money and power to do MORE damage.

I have very mixed thoughts on this next story. Apparently, a large group of evangelicals recently announced a big shift in “policy” that, according to The Blaze, could change the way many churches address capital punishment, and therefore have a big impact on public policy. First, this assumes that ANY religious body’s policies would or could affect public policy. We don’t see any end to FedGov funding of abortion, for instance. And of course, the entire “same-sex marriage” (SSM) debate flies in the face of 95% or more of organized religious groups. But do these “councils” have any authority or justification for changing their policy, or even HAVING a policy, in the first place? Is that not something that individual members of their faith, or at most, the congregations, have to decide for themselves? Sadly, too many so-called religious people are completely unable to distinguish between the God they claim to worship and the State, the god that wants to control their lives. And even if they want to keep away from the state, they seem to turn their own churches into some sort of state.

Let me end with a Quote of the week:

“It is not the business of government to make men virtuous or religious, or to preserve the fool from the consequences of his own folly. Government should be repressive no further than is necessary to secure liberty by protecting the equal rights of each from aggression on the part of others, and the moment governmental prohibitions extend beyond this line they are in danger of defeating the very ends they are intended to serve.”

— Henry George (1839-1897) American political economist

George once thought that there WAS a role for government. Because governments – involuntary governments – are the natural enemy of liberty, they cannot, in the long run, “secure liberty” because government IS aggression.

Mama’s Note: All non-voluntary “government” is based on the assumption that some people can and must control other people and their property – which actually boils down to some people owning everyone and everything else. The goal is control, and the only tools they ultimately have are lies, torture and murder. If anyone doubts that, just stop paying your “income taxes” for a while. If you refuse to be arrested and caged, you will most likely be killed. And that pretty much goes for any of the rest of their lies.

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