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Exporting revolution (and liberty or not)

A few days back, we discussed how, generally, the American people have failed to export our concept of liberty – the object of “The American Revolution” (more accurately The War of American Independence or the War of American Secession). We … Continue reading

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This time it will be different!

Or so say the socialists/so-called “progressives” – the nationalist and international socialists, the communists, the Tranzis, the fabians, the Chavezistas, and all the rest. Like the campaign promises of statist politicians, and the reports of the guvmint bureaucrats (probably starting … Continue reading

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Is it possible?

By Nathan Barton Really. Can modern politicians learn lessons when they do stupid, hypocritical things and get caught? Really? Consider the infamous Bernie Sanders, the non-Democrat (yeah, really) who is running for the Democratic Party’s nomination.  He is one of … Continue reading

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