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Elon Musk – libertarian?

A while back, the Daily Mail article on the Musk-Marcon summit in New Orleans calls Elon Musk “the loose-lipped libertarian.” Really? Other media outlets have claimed the same thing. Musk is a very divisive, outspoken, and prominent man. Both for … Continue reading

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Musing about populism

My recent commentary, “The Bloomberg File,” prompted Tom Knapp and I into a brief discussion regarding populism. (Or if you prefer, “Populism.”) Tom pointed out that the only true populist was a libertarian; implying that true populism is libertarianism. I … Continue reading

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Is Crime Increasing?

By MamaLiberty First, of course, we must sort out what we mean by “crime.” So many things have been criminalized the last few years that it is no wonder people are often confused. We need to define the premise for … Continue reading

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