Do you like to eat?

I am sure most people reading this commentary would agree, even if reluctantly. And even those people who don’t really like to eat do NOT seem to be able to drop this addiction. We humans are so weak and so addicted to so many things, right?

So anything that might interfere with our opportunity to eat can be considered a bad thing, right?

Old scene of starvation

Of course, it is a matter not just of “enough” to eat but having the right thing to eat. Anyone who knows even a little bit about nutrition knows that going out into the lawn and eating grass and dandelions is NOT a good way to grow old. We need such things as protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins! Grass and dandelions are as full of “empty calories” as the worst that Mars or Hershey can make and sell us.

Now, I am sure that some of our readers are vegetarians, and even vegans. You choose NOT to eat animal bits, or even animal products (like milk, cheese, etc.). Hey, that is fine. If that is your choice, more power to you. You are free (or should be) to eat what you want.


Even vegans and vegetarians are often hard hit by governmental actions, bans, taxes, regulations and such. Such as the fact that the war going on right now in Ukraine has put in jeopardy as much as 25% of the world’s supply of grains. Yeah, you Keto folks don’t want a whole lot, but some is good. And most of us aren’t on paleo or keto diets.

Of course, things have been worse in the past. At one time, under Communism, Russia and Ukraine and Belarus were net IMPORTERS of grain: from Canada, Argentina, Australia, and even the USA. But until this war, the three nations exported millions of tons of grains to Central and Western Europe, the Middle East, and China. As well as fertilizers and other good stuff that is pretty important for growing food. Their grain production, however, is perhaps the most critical part of the world economic system – more than oil and gas.

Sadly, Russia, Ukraine, and the NATO/warmonger nut-jobs in Brussels and DC are not the only threats to a good, wholesome meal that you and I can afford to eat and feed our families. To say nothing of the other billions of people on this plant.

For those of us who DO eat meat as a major source of protein and those vital minerals and vitamins, this serious threat is emerging right here in the Fifty States. And NOT just from DC.

Livestock farms and ranches are being attacked more and more in the Fifty States, as this recent article in Agriculture Online reports.

Among the many actions taken by governments and rabid “animal lovers” are these:

  • California’s Prop 12, now with the US Nazgul, would establish new practices to “prevent cruelty” that would cause massive increases in the cost of meat and animal products in California and for anyone trying to sell those products in California: even on the Eastern Coast or Midwest. Those arguing the case before the Supremes state that these are unduly burdensome and so unconstitutionally hinder interstate commerce. NOT that a government has taken powers it should not have.
  • Colorado’s Initiative 16: struck down by the Colorado Nazgul, but not because it added fish and livestock to animal cruelty laws, make artificial insemination a sex crime, and would have prohibited slaughter of cows less than five years old (1/4 their average “natural” lifespan), but because it was too broad.
  • Oregon’s Initiative 13 (now withdrawn) criminalized hunting and slaughtering livestock completely, in addition to the sex crime bit.
  • The Iowa legislature HF2305 would have banned both expansion of existing and new confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). (Many groups in California want to do the same.

There are dozens of other attempts, few making headlines, but equally serious attacks on agriculture, particularly animal husbandry. And not all of these attempts are launched and supported just by people who believe that milk and meat come from supermarket back-rooms.

But the efforts are also alive and well in DC and the FedGov itself. We have a senator who wants to put a moratorium on CAFOs to “reform” farming. FedGov efforts to end use of fossil fuels and chemicals from fossil fuels are both direct and indirect attacks on farming and ranching: both activities (essential for humans, let us remember) are dependent on transportation and heavy machinery. Both require chemicals (like fertilizers and pesticides) that either require fuel to produce and transport and/or are made from that stuff.

The solution? Stop the insanity – defeat the initiatives and the laws – or just plain ignore the stupid laws. Take away the power of local, state, and federal governments to enforce the stupidity. Cut their budgets, stop paying the taxes and the fees. Tell the inspectors to stay away, or plan on staying – permanently.

All of this sounds bad, because it is: it is called rebellion, and reviving a revolution that needs to again be refought: a revolution that proclaims and establishes liberty throughout the land… and unto ALL the inhabitants thereof.

IF you like to … or have to … eat.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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