Why do we have cowards in uniform? (and others)

It appears, according to some reports, that not ALL the cops in Uvalde this week were total cowards: some of them (or so we are being told) were willing to risk their lives and entered the school building to rescue their own children – while other children were dying. (And obviously, the Border Patrol – whether a single Patrolmen or a special team – finally demonstrated SOME courage and finally – AFTER MORE THAN AN HOUR – were willing to attack and kill an 18-year-old insane killer.)

Personally, for someone in their supposed line of work, I still consider them cowardly. Yes, they should value their own families more highly than the lives of strangers or even friends, but that does not mean they should not risk their lives for others – and that is supposedly what they take an oath to do.

But as was discussed earlier, this is NOT the first time that American “law enforcement” officers have demonstrated cowardice: we saw this way back at Columbine in Colorado, where cops stood around outside as the killers went from person to person. We saw this in Florida, at the Parkland School.

But we also have seen this in how police in many American cities seem to have demonstrated both moral and physical cowardice in dealing with people. Even children and young people: in many cases gunning them down although the victims were running away, or continuing to beat up (and sometimes kill) people who had surrendered.


There seem to be several common themes here.

First, cops seem to be TRAINED to be fearful, to always ALWAYS err on the side of their own survival. Now, I suppose that makes those who DO risk (and sometimes lose) their lives to defend and save others even more heroes than they seem to be. But once upon a time, cops – even new cops – were taught to BE heroes. To TAKE risks to save people, to prevent crime. No, NOT to take risks with other people’s lives by launching high-speed motor chases in crowded streets and highways. NOT to fire hundreds of bullets at quickly-identified vehicles and risk OTHER people with sprays of lead. Rather, to put others first.

Today, cops are taught all the various procedures and measures to protect themselves from bodily AND psychological harm, including the after-action threats of being accused of not being tolerant or demonstrating “racism.” And they are not just armed, but massively armored. And as we know, body armor has many negative impacts. Not just on physical mobility and the psychological impact on those you interact with. But on your own mind and actions: you feel and are isolated, you are superior, you are more powerful – or so the armor tells you. You do not NEED to risk anything: physical, financial, mental – and indeed you must NOT risk anything for yourself, your bosses, and the politicians and powers-that-be.

Second, like most survivors of modern government-run and tax-financed “educational” institutions – both the “public schools” and the other institutions (law enforcement academies, military training, etc.), cops are NOT taught basic morality. The morality once taken for granted although it was based on the Old and New Testaments. That is all passé, and even antisocial and dangerous. Taking oaths (promises) seriously? Like marriage vows or pledges to uphold the constitution? Unneeded, and unwanted, according to modern politicians, educators, and clearly voters. Like telling the truth? Not just in court, but anytime?

And of course, courage is a christian virtue – and cowardice is a vice. A sin. A sin which is punished by condemnation to Hell, according to the New Testament. (See Revelation 21:8.) That is all so old-fashioned, so primitive, outdated, and just another example of male domination – and racism. So schools do not teach things like that any more – or they do so with a wink and a grin, and fingers crossed.

There are more reasons, of course, and the above reasons apply not just to police or even soldiers, but to “ordinary people” as well. We are taught to fear by schools, society, and our families. We are led by examples of those politicians and celebrities who live like that. We are not taught a coherent morality – or a morality rooted in the real world.

Which brings us to another reason why it is easier to be a coward than a hero – not just for cops but for many people. It is perhaps counter-intuitive to someone taught and trying to be a moral person, godly or not.

No matter how much you are told that you are basically worthless, just another animal on this aimless planet living a life with no real goal, unless you are seriously deranged, you still do value your own life somewhat. To some degree.

So why should YOU risk the rest of your life to try and save someone who is deemed even MORE worthless than you are? It has just been in the past couple of weeks that we have seen the rhetoric of baby-killing ramped up.

As Mother Theresa once said, “If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?” Back in March, California AB 2223 would make it legal for a mother to “abort” her child at least seven and possibly 28 days after actual birth. People who have been taught that their life is of little or no value to others will treat other people equally callously. Especially given the lack of any significant moral teaching of the young, much less examples.

As we may discuss later.

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2 Responses to Why do we have cowards in uniform? (and others)

  1. Darkwing says:

    All the Gestapo care about is driving around in a cool looking car, write tickets and have a nice retirement. True story: two 911 calls back to back: naked women at a library, armed robber in progress, two car were at the library in 5 minutes, 30 minute to the armed robbery.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Ah, the stories that can be told! And the truth in them and behind them. But never fear, Uncle Joe just issued a whole raft of new imperial decrees (oops, “executive orders”) to reform all the cops – in honor of them killing a criminal, of course.


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